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We purchased these semi-precious stone rollerballs as a more "natural" alternative to our stainless steel rollers. Many cultures, past and present, have used semi-precious stones for their purported healing and other metaphysical properties. Below is their traditional meanings and uses. They make for a beautiful and intriguing essential oil rollerball!

How to Use:

  • Remove rollerball top
  • Mix one of our pure essential oils / blends with a carrier oil (typically a 1% to 2% dilution but depends on the specific oil)
  • Roll on pulse points, wrists, temples as needed
  • Be careful using photo-toxic oils such as citrus or cinnamon on the skin


  • Description: shades of purple, from soft lavender to dark. It is the presence of manganese in quartz that gives it the purple color. Due to its beauty and colour, it has been a prized stone for thousands of years.
  • Meaning: protection and connection to the Divine or God, sobriety
  • Traditional uses: contentment, passion, creativity, meditation and focus, joy
  • Essential oil suggestions: Focus and Clarity, clary sage, frankincense, Joyful


  • Description: pale to dark orange, very hard, it has been used in many cultures over thousands of years
  • Meaning: endurance, confidence, leadership, courage
  • Traditional uses: embolden, encourage, motivate
  • Essential oil suggestions: True Valour, rosemary

Green Aventurine:

    • Description: a form of quartz with a translucent shimmer of pale green, this stone could easily be mistaken for jade. Used to make tools in ancient Ethiopia, Amazonians for jewelry and Tibetans to make eyes for their statues, it has been prized for its hardness and beauty.
    • Meaning: by chance, or luck
    • Traditional uses: to bring luck and prosperity to new paths chosen, joy
    • Essential oil suggestions: ginger, patchouli, myrrh, Abundant Life, Joyful

Brecciated Jasper:

  • Description: fractured quartz with up to 20% foreign matter cemented into it by nature adding water, time, minerals and pressure. Reds, oranges, burgundy and green with lots of fissures add beauty and colour.
  • Meaning: sacred protection
  • Traditional uses: endurance, wisdom, protection
  • Essential oil suggestions: rosemary, peppermint, clary sage, Focus and Clarity, 4 thieves

Red Jasper:

  • Description: This stone features reds, oranges, burgundy, and sometimes hints of green. Historically used by warriors and ancient Egyptians for protection and other cultures for fertility
  • Meaning: protection, endurance, focus, vitality
  • Traditional uses: endurance, focus, vibrancy, endurance, health, fertility, justice
  • Essential oil suggestions: Focus and Clarity, True Valour, 4 Thieves

Lapis Lazulite:

  • Description: Shades of blue from dark to light, this stone has been prized since ancient times. We carry gold flecked blue stones that can twinkle when they catch the light (the gold comes from pyrite). If you love blues, you’re going to want this!
  • Meaning: celestial with ties to God or the Gods depending on your beliefs
  • Traditional uses: protection and meditation, love, wisdom
  • Essential oil suggestions: Focus and Clarity, Abundant Life


  • Description: glossy, shiny and smooth, it is black to deep green volcanic glass. Mainly used by ancients for knives and arrowheads and decorative purposes
  • Meaning: purity due to the intense heat that formed it
  • Traditional uses: balance, grounding
  • Essential oil suggestions: wood oils such as frankincense, black spruce, balsam fir, patchouli


  • Description: transparent to white with shades of grey and even pink, with many different attributions from ancient cultures
  • Meaning: perfection
  • Traditional uses: channeling, amplification, healing, meditation
  • Essential oil suggestions: because it is said to channel or amplify, quartz is good for any essential oil!

Pink / Rose Quartz:

  • Description: pale pink to medium rosy pink and translucent to transparent, this gentle stone will warm your heart. In ancient Greece, rose quartz was tied to the goddess of fertility, the god of love and war as well as that romantic, Cupid.
  • Meaning: unconditional love; called the Heart stone
  • Traditional uses: feelings of love, nurturing and calming, used in times of trauma
  • Essential oil suggestions: Anxiety Buster, Calming Peace, lavender, ylang ylang


  • Description: from the lapis family, sodalite reminds me of a favorite worn out pair of jeans or those 1980’s acid washed jeans. Comforting and nurturing, this stone comes in a variety of shades of blues and white and sometimes hints of grey or purple. Comes from the latin word sodalitis which means comrade. Also known as the Poet’s Stone.
  • Meaning: knowledge and communication
  • Traditonal uses: used by artists, actors and writers to increase creativity and communication. Also thought to be useful for emotional balance and inner peace.
  • Essential oil suggestions: Calming Peace, Focus and Clarity

Tiger's Eye:

    • Description: bands of wavy golds, browns and all shades in between, it is one of the easiest stones to identify. It shimmers with light and will be a beautiful gem for your collection.
    • Meaning: all seeing eye
    • Traditional uses: prosperity, good fortune, courage, integrity
    • Essential oil suggestions: True Valour, peppermint

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