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Amazing Grace

Hi I use mature skin facial serum twice a day or more. My skin is dry and I live I a dry city ...Calgary. The facial cream helps to keep my face moisture. Thank you so much
Happy Change

Mercy Soak
Irene Thornber

I have been using cloud 9 on my feet for yrs, plus on my elbows and dry fingers.
I also recently started using Nature’s Touch on the brown spots on my face and hands, they are almost gone. My son also uses the hard soap, he loves it and says each bar last a long time.
I would recommend these products to anyone.
Thank you to the owners for great customer service also.

After Sun Care SALE
Marj Briscoe
Wonderful Product

As a fair skinned redhead, I have lots of experience with the results of too much Sun - this is by far the best product I’ve ever used! Absolutely love it!

Hi Marj
Thank you for the 5 stars!
My mom, daughter, son in law and granddaughter are all red heads. When I was formulating, I kept that in mind. so happy to hear that it is working for you as well!

Nature's Touch
Linda Herron
Love this company!

I have the highest regard for this company. Every order arrives quickly...only had one error once, which they corrected immediately. Love the products. Love that it is local.

Hi Linda
Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate your loyalty!
We try hard to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Love it!

Smells amazing & leaves my skin feeling so soft

Hi Marj
Thank you for your review. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know.
We are always looking to improve our products. Let us know how we need to improve to get a 5 star. All natural products are a little more difficult to formulate as we cannot use some of the ingredients/ chemicals that factories use to give that great slip but there are starting to be more natural alternatives to silicons, etc.

Fantastic Serum

After developing an allergy for the cream I used for years I had to find something else. The amazing Grace serum filled the spot! It does what it promises, fine lines disappear and the skin soft and feels fresh! Love it!

Hi Brigitte
Thank you for taking the time to review our Amazing Grace. We appreciate it.
So glad you found us! I hope you have many years of good results from our face serum.

Amazing Grace face cream

I can’t decide which one I like better so I order both. A sister gave me a sample of the serum back in June after she discovered it. I have since ordered the introductory set for another sister. I like the fact it is chemical free and contains properties known for improving aging skin. My skin absorbs it quickly and takes on a beautiful glow. Definitely my go-to skin care products.

Hi Hope Ann
Sorry this took me so long to transfer your review over to the website.
I appreciate your review very much. I love hearing that you like it enough to share with family members. It makes my day!

LOVE this product

My skin feels amazing after application. Deep face lines with age run in my family. I have none. 😊

Hi Cheryl
Thank you so much! I love hearing that it is working for people. The oils in the formula were very carefully chosen and include oils from the Amazonian rainforest. Those oils are ethically harvested by indigenous tribes (a friend is Brazilian and goes directly to the tribes to buy the oils). They are not refined so still have all of their amazing properties. I firmly believe that is part of the reason the face cream works so well. Factory produced creams can not use unrefined oils because they need each batch to be consistent. With unrefined oils, you get all of the good stuff left but colour and scent can be inconsistent. I think it is worth using the unrefined oils and your review proves it!

It's amazing, and the smell is perfect for the holidays too! (Or any time, really..)

Having a house for sale can be stressful, especially when dealing with pets, but this spray not only helped me make sure everything was clean, but it left the house smelling great for showings which was a huge plus! Thank you! (I got a nice big refill, and also use Mercy have a customer for life!)

What an awesome review! Thank you much for giving us another idea for using 4 Thieves spray. We love hearing these stories.

Mercy Lotion
myra west
Mercy Extra Strength

I've found my new wonder cream! Works better on pain and inflammation than even prescription creams. Very nice lotion to use and goes a long way.

Thank you so much for the 5 star review. I am so happy to hear that the 'extra strength' is working for you.

Nature's Touch
Lynne Nixon
Nature’s Touch

Both my husband and I have been using Nature’s Touch for about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed an improvement with skin tone and feel. My husband has a patch of rough skin on the bridge of his nose that is softening and healing.

Thank you for the wonderful review!
It is always wonderful to hear that Nature's Touch is working so quickly. We are getting more and more men giving it a try so I am always glad to hear that they are getting results too.
I see you are going to try the Calm the Chaos and Amazing Grace as well. I hope you like them as well as the Nature's Touch. Let me know what you think.

Organic Comfort
Helen Feng
My grandma thinks it's magic

Sorry no photos but my 96 year old grandma absolutely loves the little organic comfort chapstick I got her! She uses the mercy as well and I had bought her a humongous jar in the past and she still uses it religiously and sparingly because she thinks it's so precious. So recently when she complained of itchiness between her toes that she can barely bend over to reach, I decided to try another product from this website. Meant to order the smallest size as a sample first but it ended up making the application easier for her. She said where was no more itchiness after she started using it. Her skin there had been broken cause of the itching and discomfort but now its healing and back to normal! Definitely buying more!!

Hi Helen
We love hearing stories like yours. It is even more special when we hear that it is helping your 96 year old grandma. Grandparents are very precious and if our products can help make their lives more comfortable, it makes our day!

Mercy Lotion
Brandy Brown
It always works, without fail!

From easing pain from bumps and bruises to muscle tension to headache relief, I am always so thankful to have found the thing that works!

Thanks Brandy!
We love the loyalty of our long time customers! 15 plus years and it is still working for you. Woohoo!

Mercy Lotion
Heather Semple
Thank you!

I put my discount code inn the wrong place on my order but they quickly fixed the problem! Went to a concert without my comfy shoes and was able to stand and join the fun with the younger people, for a change. I was still stiff in the stairs but much less pain!! This was my first try!! Thank you!

Hi Heather
We appreciate that you took time to reach out so we could fix the problem.
We are always very happy to hear that family members are recommending our Mercy to other family members. We really appreciate it! I hope you are all signed up for loyalty points!

Extra Strength Mercy
Gord Hardy

Extra Strength Mercy

Thank you for the 5 Stars! We appreciate it.

Mercy extra strength

Wow! Mercy extra strength took the pain away completely on my badly torn shoulder. Lasts several hours.

Hi Myra
Thank you so much for your kind review. We LOVE hearing that Mercy is helping! I am sorry you only got a few hours of relief. Have you tried applying it, waiting 5 minutes and applying again? Many of our customers tell us that a second application makes all the difference. Kind of like 1 aspirin or two.

Damage Control
greg herasymiuk
Outstanding product!

Heals dry skin as advertised. Wouldn’t be without it. A really winner!

Thanks Greg!
We appreciate your review. We are happy to hear it is helping.

Mercy Lotion
Jody Arcand

Works great for my carpal tunnel.

Hi Jody
Thank you for the review. Glad to hear that it is working for your Carpal Tunnel as that is a tough one.

Extra Strength Mercy
Beverly prychak

We really like your products. They work well with arthritis pain. Thank you.

Hi Beverly
Thank you so much for your review. Our customer's reviews mean the world to us!

Mercy Lotion
Esther Bercier

This cream is absolutely awesome from headaches to leg cramps everything in between ! Best stuff I have ever used !!!!

Thank you Esther!
We love hearing that our Mercy is making a difference!

Bedtime Buddy Backpack Set - Limited Edition!
Annie Desrochers

Got this as a birthday present for my youngest!! Can’t wait! Love it!

Thank Annie
We think you are going to love the lotion. It works of adults as well as kids. The adult version of the lotion is called 'Calm the Choas'.
We love the little corduroy owls. A perfect little backpack for sleepovers with Grandma.

I love the smell but haven't used it yet.

Hi Sylvia
I hope you enjoy the soap as much as we do.
I started making soap 30 years ago and still love playing with scents and colours. Due to my soap addiction, I have not had to buy soap for years. Watch for new soaps as we play with new ingredients. I have a new resin from the Amazon rain forest that I am dying to try!

Great Product

I find the scent to be very relaxing and the lotion seems to work almost instantaneously. I hope you will continue making this.

Hi Silvia
Thank you so much for your kind words. I was not sure what customers were going to think of this new creation. I have had customers asking for the last 4 years for something for anxiety. This was a happy accident. I designed it originally to help active kids calm down before bed. It went into an aromatherapy kit for kids. Parents started telling me that it was helping their anxiety. I added colloidal magnesium and zinc to make the formula even more effective and then got it out to my testers. The testers loved it and now we can barely keep it in stock. We will be making this as long as people keep asking for it.

Love My New Calming Lotion

So impressed with this new lotion; Ive started using my lotion every time I wash my is so hydrating and healing for dry hands, arms.

Hi Joni
I am so happy to hear that the lotion is not only helpful as aromatherapy for calming but also a really great for the skin. Thank you for taking the time to review Calm the Chaos. We appreciate it.

Love the heavenly smell :)

The lovely smell of this lotion lifts my spirits! I rub it into my arms and legs right before going to bed and can still smell it in the morning. It might seem like a funny thing to do, but you will catch me going around smelling my arm through the day!
Thank you for such a beautiful product!

Thank you Tracie
I was not sure how this new product would be received by my customers. I am so glad to hear that you have found the lotion helpful. It was meant to be an aromatherapy product but people are loving the lotion as much as they are loving what the scent is doing.