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Mercy Lotion
Janet Harrison

Hi Joann if you’re reading this then you know how much I love your products and am constantly sharing them! Of course Mercy and recently Anxiety buster when I received my new bottle. Still haven’t used sinus medicine or cough medicine since I use the mercy and 4 theives !

Hi Janet
I always love to hear your feeback. It is so encouraging!
Janet works in a nursing home where it is easy to get hurt and pull muscles. She has been a loyal customer for many years now.
The anxiety buster works well on dogs and horses with anxiety issues. It also works great on humans!
Take care!

Mercy Lotion
Gayle Frost

I love the Mercy Lotion. What’s the difference in the one with copper in it?

Hi Gayle
Thank you for the 5 stars. We love receiving those!
The Extra strength Mercy has colloidal copper, arnica, and DMSO. It has the same MSM and essential oils that we use in our Mercy. All contribute to helping reduce pain.
Copper supports immune health and may help delay or prevent arthritis.
Arnica is used for inflammation and pain.
DMSO is a known as a possible potent pain killer, anti inflammatory and transport vehicle.

Since everyone's bodies are different, we ask people to please ask us for a sample BEFORE purchasing to make sure you are happy with the results.
Hope this helps.

works great

Hi Rick
Thank you for your 5 stars. We are always pleased to get 5 stars on a newer product. Mercy extra strength is only 2 years old compared to our regular strength Mercy which turns 22 this summer.

Mercy Lotion

My husband says this is the only rub that works will be ordering it all the time

Hi Janis
Thank you so much for your review!
Every review means the world to us and keeps us working hard to continue making natural products that work and are not addictive or have side effects. Thanks for the encouragement!

Mercy Lotion
Patricia Longhurst
Mercy MSM

Found this product years ago. one of the best I have ever used. It doesn't have the 'medicinal' odor and does work better than other products.

Hi Patricia
Thank you so much for the 5 stars!
We are so happy to have you as a long time customer and hope we can keep giving you a great product for years to come.


I love the feeling, how it is absorbed quick and it smells amazing! I use the whole line of “ Amazing Grace”!

Hi Marjorie
I am always so pleased to hear that our skincare is making a difference. We work hard to make sure that we make a really great line that is safe and effective without the use of man made chemicals.

Mercy Lotion
L Koskela
Great idea

I bought the Mercy lotion on the recommendation of a friend who has been using it for years. It helps with the arthritis in my hand and foot. I bought a 110 ml bottle to send to a relative with the hope that it will help her too. I didn't want to set up a PayPal account. Fortunately, my husband has one so I went ahead with my purchase. Kind regards.

We have many customers that do not like Paypal or do not have an account with them. We have the option to phone in or email in your order so we can hand invoice it with a variety of payment options. (The site won't allow us to put the phone in option in big letters so that more people see it) Rena is alway ready to help if you want to phone in your order Mon-Fri.
Unfortunately on our site, we do not have the option of another payment option. So frustrating for us and our customers!
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It makes a big difference to us and I am glad Mercy is making adifference for you and your friend. Thank you for recommending it!

Organic Comfort
Hilkka Brush
This is my ONLY go-to ointment for the summer!

We have been using Organic Comfort for some time now. It is my ONLY go-to ointment for summer (and all seasons). But for me, it soothes and heals the pesky summer rashes caused by bug bites, gardening scrapes, and especially heat rashes and chaffing. And it means so much that it is all natural.

Hi Hilkka
First, thank you for being a long time loyal customer. It is very much appreciated!
Every review makes a difference to our business so a big thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
Organic comfort was designed for my kids when they were young. The recipe was my very first product 34 years ago so it holds a special place in my heart. I sold it at the local farmers market.
My grandkids use it for everything. I now send it to my son in Australia for his staff and my grandkids who now live in New Zealand.
I am so glad to hear that you love it too!

Hi there
I bought the Rose Petal whipped butter. It was on sale because it was a gritty batch. I didn't find any grit but the scent is not pleasant. Rose is a tricky one to capture. I love all my other purchases though!

Hi Karen
I am glad that it was not gritty. The scent is pure rose essential oils. We don't use nature identicals or even 'natural' scent for the rose body butter. It may be that the rose essential oil is combining with the scent of the shea butter and you are picking up on the underlying scent.
You must have a good nose because most people can only smell the rose.

Amazing Grace is Amazing

I love the subtle fragrance and the way it glides onto my skin. It immediately made my skin feel so much softer and smoother! Great product for mature skin! I need more!

Thank you so much Sharon.
We are so happy to hear that you like it. There is a new batch in stock though it is a little more orange than the last batch due to a high lycopene content in the seabuckthorn oil. Your skin will love it as lycopene gives some UV protection, promotes collagen, and is said to decrease fine lines and aging.

Mercy Soak

As a woman with a physical job (millwright) as well as a gym rat, this soak has changed the game for me. I’m not as sore as I used to be. I look forward to my mercy msm soaks! I’ve used this stuff for over 7 years now. I’ve got friends using it now too as they see the difference as well.

Hi Fally
We love to hear that it has made a difference and that you are telling your friends about it.
I designed Mercy soak after a three day canoe trip down the river and an all day cattle drive on a horse. I was not in shape for either one! That was 30 years ago and why I named it 'Mercy'.
I am so glad it is still providing 'mercy' to so many other peple!

Mercy Extra Strength
J Doreen Motz
Me and my gang of gals.

There are five of us that are regular user to different degrees. I do the ordering. I use it daily on my hips but my friends prn. This is just the regular Mercy as I have not used the entrance strength as yet as I am a finishing up a bottle. It is the VERY BEST thing for leg cramps. I I will keep the Mercy Extra Stench in my bed side table.

Hi Doreen
We love to hear that people are buying together so that they save on shipping cost. We are always happy to hear that our Mercy is helping people and even happier to hear that 5 people are having results!
Thank you for being a long time customer too! We appreciate your loyalty.

Nature's Touch
Pamela Montour
Natures touch cream

This cream is awesome. I have psoriasis and it has helped a lot I do t have to use the steroid creams much anymore

Thank you so much Pamela!
We are always happy to hear that our cream is helping so that you can get off the steroid creams.

Travel with confidence

So happy, with this kit. All the things I need to travel with. All conveniently in a secure pouch. Thank you so much for putting all the essentials together. Brenda

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Brenda. It means a lot to us and helps grow our small, family run business.
This was the idea of my assistant Rena, who also answers all of our phone calls. I will pass on your kind words.


Our dog has a VERY crusty nose and we use this in it and it is doing an amazing job of getting rid of the problem Highly recommend this product

Hi Lesley
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. It is very much appreciated!
I am happy to hear that it is making a big difference for the health and happiness of your dog. You probably noticed that a tiny amount makes a big difference. I hope that more people realize that product in small jars can have a huge impact because they are not full of cheap fillers.

Mercy Lotion
Shirley Minelli
MSM and other products as well

Very happy have used for a few years now

Hi Shirley
We are so happy to hear that you are happy with our products. Thank you for leaving a review. Every review is important to us.

Coming up roses!!

I am ordering another Rose Petal body butter. Not only does it smell beautiful (like a rose, obviously!), it melts onto the skin, but surprisingly, is not greasy. It absorbs readily and the subtle scent is lingering, but not overwhelming. I can use it and still visit my elderly Mama who is scent sensitive- but this doesn’t bother her, so bonus! Another win for Cloud9naturally, I would say.

Hi Barbara
Thank you so much for the lovely review!
The rose body butter is made with some really lovely oils. The abyssinian and dragons blood resin are some of my favourite oils as they are light, healing and non greasy!

A super satisfied customer 🥰

I used to purchase this soap from a grocery store in Vancouver Island. I haven’t used this product for nine years until I came across a bar of soap I must have left in my dresser drawer and forgot I had it. To my surprise, the shrink wrap had a label with a website. My latest order didn’t disappoint. Now I am looking forward to trying new scents of soap for my household to enjoy! I am always looking to support small businesses in B.C. and I’m super thankful to have made that reconnection!

Hi Doris
We are so happy that you found us again! Thank you for the lovely review!
Our soap recipe has not changed in 24 years. We did change our packaging to a cardboard box rather than plastic wrap.

Love this serum!

This is one of my favourite products from the Amazing Grace skincare collection. Super hydrating and absorbs beautifully. Highly recommend!

Thank you Toni!
Stay tuned, I am working on a vit C and hyaluronic serum that you might be interested in.

Nature's Touch
Mona Brine
I love this

This is by far the only product that I can use on my face without getting an allergic reaction. I have rosacea and this helps me tremendously thank you

Thank you Mona!
I didn't know that the Nature's Touch helps calm rosacea. Your review may be extremely helpful for customers that have rosacea and wondering what will help.

Mercy is our new "go-to" pain relief

Having had 4 knee surgeries I have tried numerous creams for pain relief. Having tried your Mercy I was amazed at how effective and quickly the pain was gone. Not just subsided, but GONE! As for my husband, he broke his back years ago when he fell out of an oilrig. He never takes painkillers as he says it eventually goes away, but I can see the pain in his movements. One day the pain was persistant and he said let me try "that stuff" you're using. He was blown away at how fast it worked and couldn't quit talking about it LOL!!! You definitely have 2 true believers in the effectiveness of your wonderful Mercy. Thank you for introducing us to our new go-to pain relief!

Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I had to share this with my team! It always makes our day when we hear we are making a difference in peoples lives with our 'Mercy'. Thank you for giving us details as well. It is so helpful!

Mercy Soak
Leanne Smith
The only thing that works for my RLS

I’ve had RLS for a few years now and pain from scleroderma and honestly the lotion and bath salts are the only thing that brings relief. I’m not afraid to take Advil or Tylenol but MSN works better for me. Thank you!

Hi Leanne
Thank you so much for including the details. It makes a world of difference for potential customers to know what Mercy might help them with.
With Health Canada shutting down our ability to tell people what Mercy is good for, it will be customers like you that help keep people informed and keep us in business.
Thank you!

Mercy Extra Strength
Doug Schafer

Not as good as the original

Hi Doug
Thanks for letting us know. It is important to get these reviews so that people know it does NOT work on everyone.
We were unsure if people would see a difference or not. DMSO does not work on everyone. It seems to depend on body chemistry. About 65% of the people notice a difference and 35% do not. We try and send out a sample of the Extra strength with most orders so that people can try it before buying.
If you are not happy, we can switch it for the regular strength, just let us know.

Mercy Lotion
Eva Klassen
Mercy MSM lotion

The service is awesome.
My husband uses the mercy MSM lotion for his arthritis in his hands, it takes the pain away.
I definitely would encourage anybody to give it a try.

Hi Eva
Thank you for letting us know how it is helping. These reviews are helpful to everyone who may be considering buying for a specific problem.
We appreciate it very much. These reviews are what keep small business going.

Mercy Lotion
Tammy Ramle
Relief from pain

I definitely would suggest using it for your back pain and works great on my leg pain as well.

Thank you Tammy
We always love to hear that our Mercy is working. Thanks for telling us what if helps you with.