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Mercy MSM Spray
Paula Main
Mercy msm spray

I love its immediate relief and not having to wash hands.

Thank you for your kind words!

Nature's Touch
Judy Lentz

The product, Nature’s Touch, has not disappointed. I have used it for a few months now and have had a noticeable difference on my dry hands and feet. I also bought some for my daughter to try on her husband’s psoriasis and she too has noticed a great improvement and with only a few applications. It is definitely a product I will continue to use.

Thank you so much Judy! We try hard to make sure our customers are more than satisfied. I am always happy to hear of improvement for psoriasis sufferers. We can't heal it but we sure try to improve the appearance.

Mercy MSM Lotion
David Spallin

I’ve used various topical anesthetic over the last few years (Voltaren, hemp oil, Analgesic gel and a foot & leg therapy cream (RLS)) for various aches and pains. None of them were helpful for a good night’s sleep until someone told me about Cloud 9 Naturally Mercy MSM. I tried it and it does the job for me. I seldom wake up during the night to put on more MSM, particularly after I read one comment from a customer who said that they apply the MSM then waits for 5 minutes than puts on another application. I find hemp oil is more effective for my knees (cartilage). I also use hemp oil for arthritis in my hands to avoid MSM around my eyes and nose. I tried cotton gloves but they didn’t work for me.

Hi David
Thank you for the review. We appreciate it!
I'm sorry you can't use the Mercy at night on your hands for fear of getting it into your eyes. I completely understand as I wear contacts and have on occasion forgot that I just put MSM on and then tried to take my contacts out. It definitely stings a little. Mucous membranes are touchy when it comes to peppermint. That's how we found out how good the Mercy works on hemorrhoid's. Customers with arthritic hands were reporting the side effect. We tend to not say to much about that one. LOL

Love the MSM lotion

This is the best lotion for aches and pains I have used and it is amazing relief from restless leg syndrome!

Thanks Dawn! We appreciate your review. I means a lot to us.
So glad it is working for your RLS. I suffer from RLS too!

Mercy MSM Lotion
Tara Grant
Love this stuff!

I originally purchase Mercy MSM at a retail location. I love it so much that I recently I placed my own order. I recommended this product to at least 6 of my clients this far. Great for headaches!
Looking forward to trying all the products!

Thank you for the wonderful review! We really appreciate it. it makes our day when we hear that people are recommending our Mercy to others!
I hope you like the Damage Control and Organic Comfort too. I think you will find them useful for all kinds of skin problems. Just remember a tiny bit is all you need.

Mercy MSM Lotion
Marcy Beaulieu
Mercy MSM

I have bought mercy msm lotion for my family and my friends
I originally bought a small size for my husband to try and he liked
It very much and helped him..I also use it for headaches and other
areas..I love the smell and find it very soothing and relaxing..
Love the lotion..
Thankyou for making a wonderful product!

Hi Marcy
Thank you for taking a chance on an unknown product! Our business has been built strictly by word of mouth and by people willing to take a chance on a small Canadian company. Your review means the world to us.

A home must have!

We loved this product before the pandemic but it became a must have for every washing station in our home. I've referred it to many friends & family. We buy the large size because we never want to run out. Love the texture & smell.

Hi Patricia
Thank you so much for your lovely review of our 4 Thieves Foaming Hand soap. We formulated the product 3 months before the pandemic hit. We weren't sure if people would be interested in it but proved to be a big hit with people. I am happy to hear that your family loves it.
Stay safe

Mercy MSM Soak
Bob Evans
Cloud 9 Saves The Day

Our family has been using the Cloud 9 products for many years. For aches, pain and dry skin, they can't be beat. My wife has had 4, less than successful hip surgeries on 1 hip, and as a result suffers from chronic pain down the whole leg from scar tissue as well as damaged muscle, and nerves. She tried many products to help relieve pain, with limited success. Mercy MSM Lotion however is amazing, long lasting and works almost immediately for her pain. I use it for back pain and headaches, and we both do for the occasional restless leg. Our son competes in mixed martial arts and Mui Tai and finds that after some of the more physical competitions it works well to sooth aches and pains.
We all began using the MSM bath soak over the last couple of years, and it is a life saver as well. It relieves aches and pains and helps you relax much more than a plain bath, and the effects are long lasting.
Other fantastic products which we always have available are their Nature's Touch, and for cracked dry skin from our Canadian winter's, is Damage Control. We love their soaps, especially the pumpkin, patchouli and lavender.
There has not been a Mercy MSM product we have not liked. Thank you, and keep up the good work Joann.

Hi Bob
Thank you so much for the wonderful review! It means a lot to us.
Don't forget: Mercy and the soak work really well for relieving congestion from colds and flu. It is that time of year already.
Stay safe

Mercy MSM Lotion
Peggy Brushett

Love all the products I bought. The soaps are great and leave skin so soft. Have found pain relief with the whole line of MSM products. Definitely recommend!

Hi Peggy
Thank you so much for the review! We are happy to hear that our whole line works for you. We try really hard to make sure our products deliver 'mercy'.

Micellar water #2 (Acne)

You have really out done yourself with your new batch of Micellar Water #2 (ACNE) The new batch smells like honey. I love the new smell. The first batch I tried really had a strong smell but as I used it more I liked how it made my skin feel. This new batch smells so good and it makes my skin feel clean. I would definitely reorder this product.

Hi Debbie,
Thanks Debbie! I am so glad you like it. I tweaked the new batch a little and added colloidal zinc which is amazing for skin. One of my staff members swears it is the best cleanser she has ever used! She said even after washing her face she uses the micellar water and still gets dirt and make up off.

Mercy MSM Lotion
Lori-Anne S.
Give it a try. I know you will love it.

I would like to express in a few words, some of the products that my husband and I use. Soothing, relief, nice smell and knowing that the products are made from natural ingredients and are ethically sourced. Thanks go out to Joann and her past and present team.

Hi Lori-Anne
Thank you so much for the 5 star review and kind words. Our team work very hard to deliver the best products and value for your money. Ethically sourced ingredients are a big deal for us. I have lived all over the world and have seen how people in third world companies struggle. I love that my customers and my team help support small farmers locally and tribes around the world by buying natural, sustainable ingredients. We appreciate your support!

Nature's Touch
What a relief!

I was getting a skin reaction every time I put eye makeup on. My eyes would get puffy, itchy and red. Which then would turn into irritating dry patches. I literally had to discontinue any and every type of eye makeup. Until I happened upon a shop that was selling Nature’s Touch. Tried it once and within moments I could feel a soothing relief. And then, holding my breath I put makeup on and had no reaction whatsoever! It is now my favourite moisturizer. Soooo grateful! Love this product!

Hi Wuanita
Thank you so much for the glowing review! Natures Touch is one of my favorites. i am happy to hear you like it too!

Nature's Touch
Nature's Touch

I just love this cream for my dry skin especially in the winter.

Thank you Christina!
I appreciate the 5 stars! It means the world to my business!

Mercy MSM Lotion
Linda Herron
Love these products!

I love this company and theur products! The owners are so knowledgeable and truly want to bring health and wellness to their customers. I feel all their products and ingredients are well researched and of great quality. Love Mercy MSM and share it with my whole family!

Thank you Linda! I spend a lot of time researching and learning so that I can pass the info on to my customers.

Mercy MSM Lotion
Sharon Wood

Really helps to relax those tense, tired muscles and sore spots

Thank you Sharon! I am happy to hear that it has helped!

Mercy MSM Lotion
Melissa Mank

Everything good just cant get the diffuser to work

Mercy MSM Lotion
Carrie Finlay
Love The MSM Lotion!

This stuff is a real life-saver! The lotion really sinks down deep to alleviate pain quickly, and the effects last for days! Everyone in my family uses it!

Thank you Carrie!
We love to hear that our Mercy helps families find natural relief!

Mercy MSM Lotion
Trina Luft

I love all your products. It works great

Thanks Trina! I try hard to make the best products I can.

Mercy MSM Lotion
Brian Freestone
A Life Saver...!

Our Recommendation of Mercy MSM
We have been using Mercy MSM for well over two years, not necessarily on a daily basis, but when needed, as it had become an absolute 'life-saver'...!

My wife has restless leg issues, and I tend to use the lotion for stiff muscles and a frozen shoulder,....and it honestly works wonders !

Ellen, in particular, has found that when her legs start kicking at night, an application of Mercy MSM, and she is asleep within minutes, and, into a relaxed, restful sleep...!

I have been so impressed that I have recently introduced the product to my Physiotherapist, who is currently treating me for frozen shoulder. Mercy has definitely offered much needed relief and has significantly contributed to the healing process.

We have been so impressed with Mercy MSM that we have recommended the product to a number of family and friends, as well as business associates,.... as we too were first introduced to MSM through a friend of my wife's who swears by the product.

When we last ordered two units, I had asked Joann if she would be good enough to send along some small sample sized hand-out packets, which we have now readily passed along to friends, who have since also been converted.

We highly recommend the lotion for a multitude of purposes, and are now comforted in knowing that Mercy MSM is an integral element of our medicine cabinet...!
Brian & Ellen Freestone

Hi Brian and Ellen
Thank you so much for the review. I am so please to hear how well it is working for you! I can't thank you enough for passing the word to others. I grow my business by word of mouth so it makes the world of difference to me.

Love the Disinfectant Generator.

The Disinfectant Generator is compact, practical, convenient, and economical. It takes just minutes to make the disinfectant liquid with only water and salt (and optional vinegar). There is a slight odour to the liquid which dissipates soon after use. I use the liquid to disinfect my toothbrush, countertops, doorknobs, bathroom sinks, and much more. I keep a small spray bottle and a couple sheets of paper towel in my purse to use when I am out and about. I’ve saved so much money using the generator as I no longer purchase disinfectant wipes. I highly recommend the Disinfectant Generator.

Thanks Sharon! I absolutely love the generator too! The Bentley Hutterite colony has a commercial generator for their kitchen and pig barns. They have won awards for their pig operation year after year. Their kitchen always sales through their inspections too. We use it now to to disinfect our lab. Why use bleach when this is safer, better for the environment and is pennies to make!

Mercy MSM Lotion
Dorothy Altman
I am so happy that I was told about Mercy MSM

I use it all the time for cramps and arthritis. I have recommend it to family and friends. My sister uses it and was glad that I told her about it. The smell is great and is very calming especially at bed time.
I highly recommend it to anyone. Wonderful product.

Thank you so much Dorothy! I really appreciate your support!

Mercy MSM Lotion
Janet Pokrant

I love your MSM lotion. I use it all the time. It works overnight. My husband loves it too. I have recommended it to several friends of mine.

Hi Janet
Thank you for the review and for the recommendation to your family and friends! It is those recommendations that help grow our business.

Good product

I use this product regularly and am quite satisfied. I find I need more than a pea sized portion to get the coverage I like, but that is a personal preference. Hope to order more in the future. I gave it a 4, because I ordered the lavender scent, but it did not smell lavender to me.

Thank you for your review! I appreciate your taking the time.
So sorry you felt the lavender was not strong enough. Lavender can be overpowering so we were a little careful with our experimental batch. (probably to careful) Unfortunately it was not as popular as our regular Damage Control so have chosen to not continue that option.

Mercy MSM Lotion
Bonnie Hogg

Mercy MSM is my go to for so many things! It really gets me through my bouts of restless legs, muscle twitches and cramps in my feet and legs, muscle strains, etc. I have a mild compression fracture in my back which has affected the surrounding muscles and I find the Mercy MSM helps take the ache away. I don’t like to be without it, highly recommend!

Thank you so much Bonnie!
You have been a supporter of Cloud 9 Naturally for many years now and I appreciate your continued support!

Mercy MSM Lotion

I first came across Mercy MSM lotion in Haines Junction, Yukon. I bought it as a gift for my Father, who suffers from arthritis. When Dad had used it up, he asked me if I could get some more. I was given information to order more when I bought the first bottle. This time, I also bought one for me.
I found it to help with muscle pulls and it has the bonus of a wonderful smell. I’ll buy some more when my bottle runs out.

Thank you for tracking us down Brian! We appreciate the effort and the business. It means a lot!