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Love this serum!

This is one of my favourite products from the Amazing Grace skincare collection. Super hydrating and absorbs beautifully. Highly recommend!

Thank you Toni!
Stay tuned, I am working on a vit C and hyaluronic serum that you might be interested in.

Nature's Touch
Mona Brine
I love this

This is by far the only product that I can use on my face without getting an allergic reaction. I have rosacea and this helps me tremendously thank you

Thank you Mona!
I didn't know that the Nature's Touch helps calm rosacea. Your review may be extremely helpful for customers that have rosacea and wondering what will help.

Mercy is our new "go-to" pain relief

Having had 4 knee surgeries I have tried numerous creams for pain relief. Having tried your Mercy I was amazed at how effective and quickly the pain was gone. Not just subsided, but GONE! As for my husband, he broke his back years ago when he fell out of an oilrig. He never takes painkillers as he says it eventually goes away, but I can see the pain in his movements. One day the pain was persistant and he said let me try "that stuff" you're using. He was blown away at how fast it worked and couldn't quit talking about it LOL!!! You definitely have 2 true believers in the effectiveness of your wonderful Mercy. Thank you for introducing us to our new go-to pain relief!

Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I had to share this with my team! It always makes our day when we hear we are making a difference in peoples lives with our 'Mercy'. Thank you for giving us details as well. It is so helpful!

Mercy Soak
Leanne Smith
The only thing that works for my RLS

I’ve had RLS for a few years now and pain from scleroderma and honestly the lotion and bath salts are the only thing that brings relief. I’m not afraid to take Advil or Tylenol but MSN works better for me. Thank you!

Hi Leanne
Thank you so much for including the details. It makes a world of difference for potential customers to know what Mercy might help them with.
With Health Canada shutting down our ability to tell people what Mercy is good for, it will be customers like you that help keep people informed and keep us in business.
Thank you!

Mercy Extra Strength
Doug Schafer

Not as good as the original

Hi Doug
Thanks for letting us know. It is important to get these reviews so that people know it does NOT work on everyone.
We were unsure if people would see a difference or not. DMSO does not work on everyone. It seems to depend on body chemistry. About 65% of the people notice a difference and 35% do not. We try and send out a sample of the Extra strength with most orders so that people can try it before buying.
If you are not happy, we can switch it for the regular strength, just let us know.

Mercy Lotion
Eva Klassen
Mercy MSM lotion

The service is awesome.
My husband uses the mercy MSM lotion for his arthritis in his hands, it takes the pain away.
I definitely would encourage anybody to give it a try.

Hi Eva
Thank you for letting us know how it is helping. These reviews are helpful to everyone who may be considering buying for a specific problem.
We appreciate it very much. These reviews are what keep small business going.

Mercy Lotion
Tammy Ramle
Relief from pain

I definitely would suggest using it for your back pain and works great on my leg pain as well.

Thank you Tammy
We always love to hear that our Mercy is working. Thanks for telling us what if helps you with.

Mercy Lotion
Shirley Houser
Mercy me Wow!!

My sister gave me a bottle of this cream on our last get together. I was absolutely amazed at the results. I have progressive MS, restless leg syndrome and osteo arthritis.
This cream is an absolute life saver!!! You only need a small amount to get excellent relief. The bottle is half gone so I am ordering two more today . One for me and one for my hubby. Thank-you

Hi Shirley
Please thank your sister for me. Tell her to contact me for a thank you discount code. We survive because people refer us to their friends and family. We love to reward our loyal customers who recommend us. We never want to take this for granted.
I am so happy to hear that it helping. You most likely have some really bad days. Here is a tip from other customers with your conditions: Have you tried applying a second application on really bad days? I hear it makes a real difference!


This rose body butter is my new favorite! Super rich, but not too heavy and the scent of rose is so true, you think you're smelling an actual rose. Absolutely love it!

Thanks Bonnie!
I'm using the coconut this morning and loving it. I will be working on lighter fomulations for mother day/ summer. Just got in my new, natural scents this morning. I am so pleased that I can now do amazing smelling body butters with natural scents like Bergamot Nectarine, Mango Peach and Raspberry Sweetpea.

1 Bubble Bath Foaming Salts
Charmaine Flannigan
Bath salts

One of my favourite bath salts. Lovely light subtle scent

Thank you, Charmaine!
I wanted to create a dry bubbe bath that would perform as well as a liquid but would be light weight for shipping. It also had to be safe for the environment and not harm the water downstream.
I am so glad to hear that you like it.

Excellent product. Would highly recommend this product. The Confidence anti acne facial moisturizer is an excellent product.

Hi Dianne,
I was planning on discontinuing this line of products but there has been such an outpouring of people wanting it and having such good results, that I have decided to keep it. I will however tweak the scent as a few people have commented that it needs some help. Tea tree is not a great scent yet delivers amazing results. I will see what I can do.

So Effective!

Using this for dry skin as well as a bit of eczema. Wonderful results!

Hi K.D.
I have to say, Organic comfort has always been one of my favourite products. It is also the first product I ever designed (more than 30 years ago). I am so glad you are getting great results.
Don't forget to take it with you when you travel. it is great for bites, blisters, burns, scratches.

Mercy Lotion
Jocelyn Barnaby
Mercy Me

I bought this product years ago at a Christmas market in our city when we came across the booth. I was not able to walk very well and the lady asked what was wrong, I told her and she gave me a sample to try and asked if I would let her know if it worked for me. I put it on right away (behind a curtain) and we left, I got two booths away and I told my daughter we had to go back I needed to buy it. This product has been has been my little bit of heaven ever since, I've let other people try it but I make sure I get it right back. I have arthritis in my lower back and this stuff is amazing.

Hi Jocelyn
I can't thank you enough for the amazing review.
I loved doing markets and seeing the results for people right away. Most of all I loved the surprise people had when they realized we were not just another scam product! Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories of the markets and seeing our product help people.
I am so happy to hear that our Mercy is still working for you.

Body whipped butter

I am in love with Body whipped butter, it melts into your skin💗

Hi Michele
Thank you for the 5 stars!
I love using it after a shower or bath to get maximum results.

Mercy Lotion
Laura Skivone
Excellent product

Always will be a customer

Thank you, Laura!
We rely so much on our loyal customers. You are the reason we keep going.

Fabulous Line!

I tired numerous products from this line the last few months and really LOVE the skin care line. My favourite product is the Precious Oils Blend. I add it to the moisturizer I am using and it really holds the moisture in my skin. It’s a top notch product that I don’t want ever want to be without!! It’s the powerhouse of the skin care line imo.
Thankyou for formulating such a superb product!!

Hi Jacoba
Thank you for the fabulous review. You just made my day!
Several of my friends also swear by the face oil blend as well. They like to use it before bed. The natural oils in the blend are all truly amazing for the skin. Why chose chemicals when nature has so much more to offer?

Mercy Lotion
Shirley Boychuk
Have mercy

I was skeptical that this lotion would work when I purchased
my first bottle. But I found it superior to a prescription med.
I raved about it to my friends and they are now using Mercy

Thank you, Shirley for taking a chance on us!
There are so many poorly made products out there that don't work that it is hard not to get jaded. Thank you for telling your friends about us. It is the only way we have of getting the word out there to people. It is truly appreciated!

Mercy Extra Strength
corinne skulmoski
Mercy Me

I have not noticed any improvement from this Mercy Extra Strength. I have used it daily for at least a week. I think my pains go deeper than this product is designed for. It smells nice.

Hi Coriine
I am so sorry to hear that the Mercy extra strength is not helping. We usually ask people to ask for a free sample before buying so that you can see if it will work for you. Can you tell me what kind of pain you suffer from so I can let my customers know that it most likely won't work on that kind of pain?
Let's see if we can fix this for you.

Amazing Set of Facial Products

I just love the way my skin feels after using the micellar water, the serum for mature skin and the facial cream! I even have my 92 year old mother using the facial cream. She likes the way her skin feels after using it. I like the fact that only the best ingredients are used. I also like the bag. It’s a good size and well made.

Thank you KD!
We are always so please when people trust our products enough to recommend them to their elderly parents. My 87 year old Mom loves it too.

Even the frankincense and myrrh that I use is the best quality available. I could use the cheaper India oils but believe that for healing, Somalian frankincense and myrrh is the best.


Love the Four Theives Soap But!

We have used and loved the Fourt Theives Soap for many years, but it has now become too expensive to continue using it. The bar size has gotten smaller and the price has gotten higher. So now unable to justify buying it.

Hi Diane
I feel your pain! The cost of shipping has doubled and the cost of ingredients has gone up 60%. We only raised our prices by 6% last summer. This meant no raises for staff or myself for the last 4 years.
Now the government wants to charge us huge licensing fees. We are trying our best to stay in business but with increases everywhere, we may not last more than another 1-2 years. The only hope for small business is a change in government!

Mercy Lotion
wanda Hiscock
Mercy Lotion

Came across this lotion by accident. I was having a nautical spasm, a friend had this lotion. I applied and shortly there after, the spasm subsided. I bought my own, and just ordered my second one. I always keep it near. Would I recommend it, yes I would.

Thanks Wanda
Most of our customers find us through word of mouth. We really appreciate that people trust our Mercy enough to recommend it to their friends and family.

Thank you for giving us a detailed review of what you use it for. It is very helpful to others who may be wondering if it would work on their pain problem.

Mercy Soak
Debbie Carr
Mercy soak and mercy lotion

Amazing product this is my third bag. I have really bad RA and fibromyalgia and when my muscles and are bad i soak in this and it makes it so much better, takes the edge off. I have had to get up at two and three in morning and put the soak in a nd turn on my whirlpool tub and soak for 1t minutes absolutely lov e this. The follow up with the lotion for added extra comfort. Would recommend for anyone.

Hi Debbie
Thank you so much for the detailed review. I am so glad it is helping.
It is extremely helpful to hear how you use it, especially for anyone suffering from RA and fibromyalgia.
I have other people with fibro that tell me the same thing: Mercy soak and then Mercy lotion. Some use a second application of the lotion for even better results.
Thanks again,

Mercy Soak
Laura Vollman
Mercy soak

I soak in my bath with this every night relaxing and healing for my bones. Helps with my Arthritis

Thank you for leaving a review, Laura!
EVERY review is important to us. They make such a difference for our company. We appreciate your support!

Mercy Extra Strength
Wayne Morris
Happy customer for years & years & years

Mercy MSM, Mercy Soak, & Mercy Extra Strength

Hi Wayne
We are so appreciative of our long time customers that keep using our products. I am so glad that our Mercy never looses it's effectiveness even after people have been using it for years. I think you have been with us for at least 13 years now.
Thank you!

Damage Control
gail pennock(grubel)

I really love the product, however i was disappointed that during the 20% discount as i could have really used the discount, and was the original reason i purchased at that time or i would have waited til later after christmas bills were paid off, i ordered 2 of the msm creams and you get a better rate when purchasing more than one of that same item and i realize that doesnt include items on sale, but i did not consider this a sale item because it is available all the time. This is really my only issue and all in all i think the products are great. gail

Hi Gail
I am sorry you were disappointed in our SALE.

We were trying a new app called Bundler. It is a SALE app and automatically gives a sale price to people that buy more than 1 of a product. It does not give an additional discount if using a coupon. This is to protect the company from loosing money.

At Christmas, we gave our subscribers a 20% off coupon plus free shipping on orders over $125.00. If the app had allowed the 20% off plus the additional 15% off from the bundle, plus the free shipping, we would have been loosing money.

We are a small company. We have not been raising our prices to keep up with costs because we know that many of our customers are on fixed incomes and cannot afford to pay more for our products. (Many live on our Mercy. It makes a huge difference to their quality of life.) So we chose to make less profit so that our older clientele could still buy from us.

Last year, the cost of our ingredients went up by over 60%. We raised our prices by 6%. My staff and I have not had a raise in pay for 3 years. We are doing all we can to keep our prices affordable as the Canadian government slowly puts us out of business due to their new policies.