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Mercy Lotion
The Best Natural Pain Relief

The Mercy lotion really works! Sometimes my lower back is so sore. I rub a little Mercy lotion on it and the pain subsides in minutes! The same goes for my hip, knee and elbow! I am buying some for my 91 year old mom for her arthritis and my son who is in sports!

Thank you Linda!
I love to hear that it helps you so much that you want to share it with loved ones.
Thank you for telling us what it helps with too. It can be really helpful for people who are not sure what Mercy can do.

Confidence Willow Bark and Zinc Daily Moisturizer

This daily moisturizer is great, I use it everyday and it really helps my skin feel nice Other moisturizers are greasy and give me pimples, Confidence daily moisturizer helps keeps my skin clear of blemishes.

Thank you for the wonderful review. I am always happy to hear that my skincare is helping with pimples.

Never came

Love the product but never received sample pack in my order.

Our apologies Lorie!
You should have received a variety of samples with your order. We try and send samples of something new with every order we receive. We will send that out today for you.
When we make a mistake, let us know so we can fix it right away.
We try our best but we do make mistakes and we want to make sure we fix them.


So Nice !

I have had my day cream for approx 2 weeks and I love it. I have noticed a difference on my neck. My whole face seems so much tighter and softer. Love the product. Buying some now for my niece and sister.

Hi Alison
Thank you so much for your 5 stars! I love that you are sharing with your family and spreading the word about how good natural can be. I hope they love it as much as you do!

Damage Control
Tricia B.
Works like magic

I have been buying this for years.
It’s amazing! I have very deep chronic cracks on my heels. Once in a awhile they open and bleed. Within two nights, sometimes one, they are healed!
Amazing! Lifetime customer here!
I have also recommended to family and friends who
Also swear by it!

Hi Tricia
Thank you for the awesome review and thank you for helping to spread the word! As a small business, we appreciate it very much. We don't have advertising budgets so it is loyal customers like you that help keep our business going.

Mercy MSM Boxed Set
Patricia Lepp
Amazing product!!

An everyday go too!! Amazing for my chronic back pain. Helps so much with the relief to relax the muscles.

Hi Patricia
Thank you so much for the 5 stars! We appreciate it.
So pleased to hear that it is helping you back pain.

Mercy Lotion
LA Munro
Repeat buyer

Purchased the Mercy MSM lotion before and absolutely loved it. I have back and neck issues. I put a small amount on and it takes the pain away within minutes and helps relax the muscles. This is my 2nd purchase of this and won't use anything else.

Hi LA Munro
Thank you so much for taking the time to post a review. These are so helpful to potential customers and of course it always makes my day and is encouraging when someone finds relief.

Shopping experience &Amazing Grace

Shopping experience was great & the Amazing Grace was for my wife Sandy and she loves it!

Hi Harold
Thank you for the 5 stars!
I am happy to hear that you wife loves the Amazing Grace. It is always great to hear that someone is choosing to use a natural product on their skin. I am so happy that she is pleased with it.

Mercy MSM Boxed Set
Chantal Smith

Nothing helps sore muscles like Mercy MSM!! I won’t go without it now!

Hi Chantal
Thank you for the five stars. I appreciate it!
It is always great to hear that mercy is helping.

Love this soap

Love the clean ingredients + the sweet and spicy smell (smells kind of like a spice cake). Just ordered a refill so I don't have to worry about running out! Happy they offer a refill option since the original pump/dispenser still works great

Hi Laura
Thank you for the 5 stars! Thanks for reminding people that we have the foaming soap in refill form. So much more environmentally friendly!

Mercy Soak
Susan Jackiw

Love the MSM products!
We use the soak regularly and the lotion daily on achy knees and hands - works wonders!

Hi Susan
Thank you for letting us know how you use our Mercy. It is very helpful for others to know what it works on. I appreciate it!
Thank you for the 5 stars. It always makes my day a little brighter!

Organic Comfort
Karen Densmore
Medicine For Your Skin

I first used Organic Comfort over 20 years ago as a first-aid remedy for mosquitoe bites and other outdoor/gardening hazards. I recall rubbing it on a bee sting and it completely eliminated the pain in less than a minute. I also used it on my dog’s paw when she stepped on a bee and got stung, and she stopped yelping almost immediately. More recently, I bought some for my daughter who was getting allergic hives on her stomach. Organic Comfort stopped the itching enough for the sores to heal within about a week. I prefer to work with what nature provides us in my healing arsenal and Organic Comfort is the cure-all for all things to do with the skin.

Hi Karen,
I can't believe it has been 20 years since you first tried our products!
Thank you so much for the 5 stars. We appreciate your taking the time to tell us how you have used the Organic Comfort. It is so helpful to others who may be wanting to try it. My whole family would not be without it in the summer. Especially with the multitude of wasps in the last few years.
I am so happy to hear that it helped your daughter heal up.

Mercy Lotion
Jan Mitchell
Mercy MSM

The mercy msm is an amazing product.

Hi Jan
Thank you! As a small business struggling through Covid, It is encouraging to hear that our products help people. I needed that today!

Excellent Serum

I've been using the Amazing Grace Serum for about 2 weeks and I love it. I am definitely starting to notice that my skin looks brighter and feels smoother. My fine lines are also fading which is amazing. I've been using this serum with both the face cream and the facial oil and love all the products!!

Hi Sharon
Thank you so much for the 5 stars. Small manufactures and formulators like me sometimes wonder if we can compete with the big guys. I think your 5 stars just told me I can! Thank you for the encouragement. It means an awful lot to me.

Acne Bar
Nancy Lee-Menard

Acne Bar

Hi Nancy
Thank you for the 5 stars. We appreciate it!

Confidence Skincare Set

My favorite is the Micellar Water from the Confidence Skin Care Line. It makes my face feel really clean and I really like the smell too. I usually use Good Fruits Face Cream after I use the Confidence Micellar Water, but when my face looks like I am getting a blemish, I use the Confidence Face Cream, the Good Fruits face cream smells way better than the Confidence Face Cream. The concentrated acne control product works well, with only a couple applications my pimple was gone, or going. Cloud 9 makes the best Natural products. I am very pleased with all my purchases.

Hi Debbie
Thank you for your support of our small business. We appreciate it very much!
I will try my best to improve the scent of the Confidence face cream. Unfortunately some of the best ingredients for acne do not smell pretty. The good news is that it works at clearing up a break out!

Organic Comfort
Debbie Lehnhoff
Organic Comfort

Organic Comfort is a wonderful product. I works very well at helping to heal my owies. I also use it for Mosquitoe Bites, helps take the itch away. This is one of my favorite Cloud 9 products, it is very versatile and

Hi Debbie
Thank you for your very kind review! Organic Comfort is one of my favourites as well. I could not be with out it and take it everywhere I travel as well. I designed it for my kids when they were young and now my grandkids use it.

Smooth, silky

I have been using this cream for about a week. It feels silky and smooth.
My skin soaks it in instantly, telling me that it needs it:)
In the morning I use the amazing grace day cream and the facial serum at night.
I had some brown spots under my right eye for many years and they have faded away! My skin is elastic and doesn’t look 63 years old ( in my opinion).
Highly recommend this facial serum and the day cream! Amazing combination!

Hi Elizabeth
Thank you so much for the five stars! You made my week! I am thrilled to hear about the brown spot under your eye. I am a huge believer in frankincense and myrrh. I think that is what is making the difference.

Mercy Lotion
Joelene Hazen
Everything is like magic!

Seriously the mercy cream is like
Magic, doesn’t just make it hot or cold it takes the pain right away. Husband uses for tennis elbow, I gave some to a coworker for her Sia tic and she ordered some within an hour she was amazed. And it smells sooo good. The naturally cream works wonders on my little ones bum, only thing that calms that area for her, I actually use it as face cream as well!separate container of course! Haha

Hi Joelene
Thank you for the 5 stars!
We are always so happy to hear that Mercy is helping people. Thank you for spreading the word too!
Is it the Organic Comfort you are using on little ones bum or Natures Touch? Just wanted to make sure people don't think you are using Mercy as a face cream and bum cream though Mercy is amazing for hemorrhoids. LOL
Joelene let me know that it is Natures Touch she is using on little ones bottom .

Nature's Touch
Norma Tomkinson
Love this cream on my face

I have dry skin, and natures touch is the answer for me.

Hi Norma
Thank you for the 5 stars! Our sales of Natures Touch have been going through the roof since customers like you have been kind enough to leave a review. We are now having to make natures Touch fresh every week to keep up with the demand.
Thank you!

Nature's Touch
Christine Shackleton
5 stars

I am using Natures Touch on my face and hands. I have found it to be working wonders, and seems to be reducing the sun damage on my face. A very good product. Thankyou.

Thank you for you 5 star review. We treasure those!
I am so pleased to learn that Natures Touch is helping with your sun damage. I have never tried it for that problem. I am sure some of my customers are going to be interested in this news. Thank you for telling us.

excellent product

I have used it all season long to keep my curling helmet and locker smelling fresh! Will take it when I travel for that extra level of comfort in new places, too.

Hi Brenda
Thank you for you explanation of how you are using the 4 Thieves spray. It is very helpful for others to see how it can be used. I appreciate it very much! AND thank you for the 5 stars!

Night Weaving - 750 Piece Puzzle

Hi Nancy
So glad you enjoyed the puzzle!
I know that selling puzzles on a 'naturals skincare' website seems strange but I fell in love with these puzzles and the Canadian company that makes them 5 years ago. I am an avid puzzler and the quality of these puzzles is exceptional. I also love that they are Canadian artist and some of the proceeds goes to support them.

Nature's Touch
Allison Smith
Miracle find

I initially bought this for dry skin, but if you have any kind of acne, blind acne, menopause acne, use this! If you clean your face and rub this onto any spot, the pain will disappear, and it will fade immediately. It works overnight. I will never be without this in my cabinet. ❤️

Hi Allison
How interesting. So glad you wrote about this. I learn so much about the products I make from my customers. I knew it was good for scars and shingles but had no idea that it would work on acne. Thank you for letting all of us know!

Allergy issues

I was really looking forward to using this product, but from the moment I opened the package, the intense fragrance caused my head to ache and my throat to close. The company offered several options but I chose to return the product.
I do use their MSM pain relief product and absolutely love it.

Hi V
We use the essential oils of frankincense and myrrh in the precious oils due to their ability to heal, prevent scarring and for their antibacterial and antioxidant qualities. They are used at less than 1% in the product. We did offer to make a version without essential oils for you. I am sorry you turned it down as the oils we use are amazing. Using oils on the face does take a little getting used to.
I am very glad that you use and like our Mercy which has completely different essential oils in it.