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Mercy Lotion
Debbie Carr
Mercy spray and lotion

Love this product it stops my restless legs and my arthritis nuropathy that feels like my feet are burning. It’s a nice cool mist that takes about 10 minutes to start working. It’s great and i recommend it highly

Hi I haven’t used it yet because I do t have a foaming bottle. Will buy one soon , I thought I had ordered on but maybe I didn’t, I just have the refil bottles

Hi Kathy
Thank you for the 5 stars but we don't deserve it yet. I am having my staff send you a foamer bottle so that you can use the refill to fill it and use it. Once you have tried it, please leave us a review, good or bad. I noticed that you also bought a spray 4 Thieves Germ Shield 1 litre refill. Let us know what you thought of the two products.

Mercy Lotion
Janis Currie

It’s the best

Thank you Janis!
I am so glad to hear that it helps.
We appreciate every review we get. It makes a huge difference to our business. When google sees good reviews, it ranks us as a legit business with good products.

Magnesium Spray
Helene Pinette
It’s almost perfect

I used it a few times on the leg cramp and it has worked most of the time, I would recommend it for people that suffer from these cramps.

Hi Helene
Thank you so much for the 5 stars. Here is, hopefully some suggestions to help you get results every time.
By the time people get leg cramps, it usually means they are severely deplete of Magnesium. Here is our suggestions: spray on the muscle cramp AND on the soles of the feet. If the cramping is not gone within 2 minutes, spray again.
If snacking on salty foods before bed, make sure to spray your feet before bed to prevent waking up in the middle of the night with cramping legs. Salt depletes magnesium very quickly and this will replenish the magnesium that the snacking depleted.
If you are under stress, anxiety or severe heat, these all deplete magnesium within hours or even minutes. Make sure you are spraying Magnesium on more than once a day when experiencing any of these. Overdosing magnesium: it will come out the other end so no worries. I personally use 7 sprays/pumps a day with no problems. I use it after a shower every morning and or at night when the temperatures are high.
Thanks again for the 5 stars and the opportunity to talk about how to use our Magnesium spray.

4 ThievesGerm Shield essional oil

I love the smell. I can imagine it cleanse the germ in the air I use it in a diffuser. Thank you.

Thank you, Wanda!
So much better than the synthetic chemical based products! I love when people choose natural! It is so much better for our environment.

All Natural Amazing Grace Copper and Caffeine Under Eye Perfecting Gel All Natural Amazing Grace ...

Simply amazing!
Your skin care line is my go to for sure.

Thank you Dianne!
I am so pleased that you like our line. There is not one single synthetic ingredient in this line or any line we make. All of our products are safe for humans, children, animals and environment. Every ingredient is chosen because it is better for you and for the environment and because it works.
So glad you chose natural!

Outdoor essential!

I took After SunCare with me on our tropical trip and was so glad I did! Although we are diligent with sunscreen, there were a couple of water days when we inadvertently got too much sun. First, a soothing spray with Cooling Comfort, then a moisturizing application of After SunCare - always felt so much better! We used the entire tub to take care of our skin during our 2-week trip. This works so well, it is a summer and travel essential for us now! Highly recommend, on its own or when using both products together.

Thank you so much Toni!
The customers that use this set swear it is the best stuff we make. Unfortunately most people are not pro active about sunburns so we do not sell much of this product. We have been tempted to discontinue this product many times but our faithful users refuse to let it die. We try and tell people that it should be in everyone's medicine cabinet just in case. I am so glad you were proactive and took it with you on your vacation! So glad your sunburn did not ruin your vacation.

Amazing Grace skin products

LOVE the soap and the mystery of what is going to be sent. All soaps that I have purchased over the years has been fantastic!! It's all that I buy!

Hi Debbie,
Thank you for the five stars!
Wait till you see and smell our new soaps. I will be posting them on facebook ASAP. I think you are going to love them.

Soothing lotion

This lotion is amazing! I love to apply it to my body before bed as it's scent is heavenly and helps me to sleep thoroughly. Another excellent product I like to purchase from Joann!!

Hi Debbie
Thank you for the 5 stars and for being a long time supporter of my company. It is very much appreciated!

Calm the Chaos Lotion

Calm the Chaos Lotion does what the name suggests. It has a very great smell and it makes my skin feel soft. I use it on my Grandson after his bath, since it is made with natural oils I know it's safe for children.

Thanks Debbie!
We appreciate you long time support of our company. It means a lot to us.
I am happy to hear that your trust our products enough to use on your grandchild. I always keep my grandchildren in mind when I am creating all of my products. Many were originally designed for my children and we now use them on my grandchildren.

I love this product!

So often it seems that products with a nice smell fade away quickly...I love that I catch beautiful whiffs of this all day long! The lotion is lovely as well. I want a gallon jug!

Hi Linda
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review of our Calm the Chaos. We have had a number of customers comment on the scent. People love that it is an all natural formula as well. I will look into finding packaging for bigger quantities LOL

Beautiful relaxing smell, nice body lotion

I love this product; great after evening bath or shower. It has a lovely soft fragrance

Hi Barbara
Thank you for taking the time to review our lotion and for being a long time customer. We appreciate your business for the last 15 years (or more)! I believe we first met you at the Canmore Folk festival and you have been a customer ever since.

Mercy Lotion
Shelly Kisil
Mercy lotion

Started using this product over 5 years ago for joint knee pain & I still use this product to this day.
It works great to relieve my joint pain when it flares up.
The non greasy formula absorbs into the skin with no residue which is just one of the many reasons I continue using it.
Great product & would recommend anyone to use it if they suffer from pain.

Hi Shelly
Thank you so much for being a long time customer and thank you for the 5 stars!
Please sign up for our loyalty program so you can accumulate points for being a long time customer. Then you can use the points for a discount.

Nature's Touch
Shelly Kisil
Nature’s touch

If I could rate this product over 5 stars, I’d rate it 1000 stars.
It soothes my skin & leaves it soft & smooth. The non greasy formula doesn’t clog the pours & help with heat rash & razor bumps from shaving.
On of the best products I’ve tried & now use daily.
Awesome product!

Awe, thank you so much Shelly!
I didn't know that it helps heat rash. Thank you for letting my customers know. with the heat we have all been getting this summer, this is good to know.

Amazing Grace skin products

I love these products as I know that they are gentle on my skin yet nourishing and healing to my face and neck. They are made from the purest of ingredients and I completely trust that they are the best for my skin. I would highly recommend all of Joann's products. Simply the best!!

Thank you so much Deborah!
It was really important to me that the ingredients were some of the best in the world for skin care. I didn't want cheap oils or fillers or manmade chemicals. I am so glad that you love them as much as I do.

Damage Control
Helen Hillier

Through the summer my fever get very dry and my heels tend to crack, I need only a small amount of Damage Control to massage my feet and they are soft again. I love this stuff.

Hi Helen
Thank you for the five stars! Those 5 stars make a difference to our company and are very much appreciated.
I am happy to hear that the Damage Control is helping. Don't forget to use it in the winter too!

Mercy Lotion
Doris Fishman
Mercy MSM Lotions

I absolutely love the MSM Mercy Lotion for soothing and helping painful muscles. I use it every day, morning and evening. It’s totally natural with no harmful chemicals or analgesics and I have recommended it to friends. It’s a great product and I’m so thankful I found it.

Hi Doris
Thank you for the leaving a glowing review. We are always thankful to our customers for recommending our products. We rely on word of mouth to sell our products because advertising is now to expensive for small business. Word of mouth and reviews are most treasured by us and we strive to live up to the trust our long time customers like you, put in us.

Damage Control
Susan Carson

I think I bought damage control at a farmer’s market - I seem to buy of these dry skin products for my partner’s feet and none of it has ever worked very well. We had not tried it until several weeks ago when my heels were painful from standing all day. I was amazed at how quickly it relieved the pain and rough, calloused skin. I used it for 3 or 4 nights and it made a very noticeable difference. I plan to use it 2 or 3 times each week! Thanks for a great product!

Thank you Susan!
We formulated Damage Control to help speed healing and restore skin so that it quits cracking. The side effects from using it was pain relief from the cracks.
I am so happy to hear that it is working for you.
Remember a 1/4 of a pea size is all you need.

Gentle products for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive aging skin and I find these products work well with my skin

Hi Barbara
Thank you so much for the 5 stars for our Amazing Grace skin care.
I wanted to make a really great product without the chemicals found in the majority of skin care on the market. The ingredients I chose were based on unbiased, scientific studies done in universities. There are no cheap fillers or cheap oils in our skincare and I think it shows in the results people are getting.
I made this product specifically for customers like you that care about what they use on their skin. I am so glad you are finding they work.

Mercy Spray
Lois Frank

Love is. Use it all the time for any muscle pain or arthritic pain.

Hi Lois
Thank you for the 5 star review!
I am so glad to hear that the spray is working for you.

Mercy Soak
Tracy Muggli

I recently purchased 2 litres. My mom has arthritis and uses the lotion consistently. It gives her great relief. Now the staff in the care home she lives in use it too!

Hi Tracy
Thank you so much for the 5 stars!
We love to hear to hear that staff and clients in nursing homes are getting relief from their pain with our Mercy. Relief with no side effects!

Mercy Extra Strength

Still haven’t received the order 4 weeks now

Hi Yasmin.
Your order was shipped out less than 24 hours after you ordered. It should have been to you in two days. I just tracked it through Canada Post and it appears stuck somewhere. It just says:' Item delayed'. with no explanation. We will ship out a new one Monday.. Meanwhile we will get on Canada Post. If you receive the old parcel, just reject the new parcel.
I am so sorry this is happening to you.

Sample - 2mL Foil Pack
Helene Pinette
Mercy cream

Liked it we bought 2 bottles of the 110ml

Hi Helene
I am so glad you tried the samples before buying. I always like to make sure my customers know Mercy is going to work for them before buying. Glad it is working for you!

Mercy Lotion
Charlene Schintz
Amazing product “Mercy Lotion”

This product is absolutely amazing! I suffer from arthritis pain at night and to help me sleep 😴 applying Mercy Lotion helps. You have helped me with my pain, more than you know. I love that the product is natural and Canadian 🇨🇦

Hi Charlene
Thank you soooo much for the lovely review. We always love to hear that our Mercy is delivering pain relief. I was just reading about a drug that people were using for Restless leg and arthritis and the side effects were terrible. I am so glad that we were able to come up with a natural product with NO side effects and that it is safe.

Love it!

I have been using the Amazing Grace Facial Serum for 2 weeks now and I love it! My face feels wonderful. It helps to keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Highly recommend.

Thank you Kathryn!
We appreciate the 5 stars. We worked very hard to create a product that is organic and natural and works better than factory produced skincare. We love to hear that our customers are loving it.