Our Story

Joann Rossos - co-founder

Keeping my family safe

Cloud 9 Naturally was born from a desire to keep our family safe.

We wanted to use natural, environmentally-friendly products that do no harm.

From a small booth at the farmer’s market to selling in stores Canada-wide - we’ve come a long way.

A dead ring of grass

It all started with a dead ring of grass in my backyard.

I was always into healthy eating – making bread from scratch, keeping my family away from fast food, avoiding prescription drugs… but I never paid attention to what I was putting on my skin.

Then... I noticed a ring of dead grass where my kids had placed their tent a week before.

Being a mom, I immediately yelled: what did you do to the lawn?!

The answer shocked me: mosquitoes were coming in so we sprayed around the tent.


If a well known mosquito spray could kill grass and poison soil, what was it doing to my children’s skin?

I checked Health Canada to see if there were any warnings about this particular spray.

To my horror, a whole page was dedicated to how it could cause seizures in young children, how you should never use it under clothing, that you should never leave it on for more than 4 hours or breathe it in. Wow.

But we used it like everyone else! Just spray it on and forget about it.

After reading the warnings, I couldn’t believe this product was even on the market.

Do people know about these dangers? Or were they like me? Covering their kids in poison, completely unaware.

No, there had to be a better way.

I did A LOT of research. It led me to a painful realisation: widely used skin care and household products are made from harmful ingredients. In some cases... very harmful.

I knew it would be hard - but I was determined to get my family OFF bad chemicals. And go completely NATURAL.

My education began. I learned about ingredients and their properties. I read every label. I even taught my kids what to look out for.

It was the early 90s and essential oils were just starting to become available. They sounded like a wonderful alternative.

Soon I was mixing concoctions infused with powerful herbs and exotic sounding oils.

My friends fell in love with my lotions and soaps. You HAVE to sell these... I heard over and over again.

Natural pain relief that works

Mercy MSM Natural Pain Relief began with our own chronic pain.

Trish (my business partner at the time) had heard about MSM (an organic chemical compound) helping with pain and inflammation.

I needed that. We weren’t scientists but we had a passion for natural products. Intense research and product development began.

We experimented with things like capsaicin peppers, black pepper, white willow bark, salves, creams, butters and lotions.

Trish finally came up with an MSM lotion - and I had created a blend of essential oils I called Mercy.

It took two years, no wages - and lots of failures before it finally worked.

And boy... did it ever work! In less than 5 minutes and lasted for 6 - 8 hours.

We started selling at the local farmers market. Our sales grew by word of mouth and people started using it for all kinds of pain.

Today we’re in stores all over Canada and run a busy online business too!

Cloud 9 Naturally is all about making products that are completely natural, chemical free, organic and fair trade where possible.

We specialize in helping people with pain, damaged or sore skin.

Damage Control helps cracked, painful skin.

Nature’s Touch helps with psoriasis and scar tissue.

4 Thieves is antiviral.

Mercy MSM is all about natural pain relief.

Mercy MSM

Everything we make is extremely effective and safe to put on your skin. Kids can use our products too. And finally... the environment is not affected by our products either.

Actually, Cloud 9 products are technically safe to eat! A customer once mistook our Mercy Soak for a tea - and had been drinking it for months. Haha!

As Seen on TV Infomercial: Now Airing in the USA!

Be a drop in the bucket

I believed in natural products when nobody cared. It wasn’t cool or trendy at the time.

Cloud 9 Naturally is a small business and we may not change the world just yet... but you and I are a drop in the bucket.

And that’s a good thing. Every little step leads to a better place.

We hope we can inspire you to read labels and make informed decisions for you and your family.

Join us and be a drop in the bucket! Together we can make a change.

And by the way, that ring of grass in my backyard... it never grew back.