Extra Strength Mercy


We have taken our Mercy and given it a boost with colloidal copper, arnica, and DMSO.  We think it is awesome and so do our testers.  

Everyone responds differently to natural ingredients so we recommend trying it before you buy.   We suggest dropping us a note and asking for a sample before you purchase.   We will gladly send you a sample to try. 

 Email us for a sample to try before you buy.

Warning: do NOT use if taking blood thinners, sedatives, or steroids as DMSO can increase their effectiveness. Do not use if pregnant as there are limited studies done on pregnant women and DMSO.  Wash hands before applying lotion. 

Customer Reviews

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Amanda V
Perfect Pain Relief!

I have been struggling with a non-healing TFCC tear in my left wrist for 2 yrs. Multiple cortisone injections have provided short-term pain relief, however, these injections are excruciatingly painful. With Mercy Extra Strength, one application provides about 2 days of pain relief in my wrist. I have been using this product 2- 3 times a week for 2 weeks now and am VERY happy with my reduction in pain. As a massage therapist, I was looking for a more natural product. I already use Mercy Lotion weekly in my practice and will be adding Mercy Extra Strength as an additional option when appropriate. Love that this product absorbs without leaving a greasy film.

Hi Amanda
Thank you so much for your review. It is extremely helpful to my customers and myself. As the extra strength is so new, we still don't know what it will help with and what it doesn't work on. This is great news to know it will work on TRCC tears.

Debbie Lanteigne
Awesome product

I discovered this product a few years ago and have recommended it to many people. Effective for someone who suffers from sciatic pain and stress headaches. Not too strong yet very soothing.

Hi Debbie
Thank you for the info and the 5 stars! This will be helpful to others suffering with the same pain and wondering if our Mercy will help.

More coverage!

I love that I have a tad more time to spread it out before it absorbs into the area. Great for treating larger areas of pain and inflammation without using a bunch.

Hi Brandy
Thank you for the 5 stars!
Arnica oil is the key. it is slower to absorb into the skin and is anti inflammatory.

Gord Hardy

Extra Strength Mercy

Thank you for the 5 Stars! We appreciate it.

Mercy extra strength

Wow! Mercy extra strength took the pain away completely on my badly torn shoulder. Lasts several hours.

Hi Myra
Thank you so much for your kind review. We LOVE hearing that Mercy is helping! I am sorry you only got a few hours of relief. Have you tried applying it, waiting 5 minutes and applying again? Many of our customers tell us that a second application makes all the difference. Kind of like 1 aspirin or two.