Mercy Extra Strength

Extra strength Mercy

Mercy has been bolstered with the strength of colloidal copper, arnica oil, and DMSO. Our team and testers have found the results to be impressive. See what our customers have to say to get an impartial evaluation. Same great scent as our Mercy.  Same non greasy lotion.

Everyone responds differently to natural ingredients so we recommend trying it before you buy.   We suggest dropping us a note and asking for a sample before you purchase.   We will gladly send you a sample to try. 

 Email us for a (freeee*) sample  to try before you buy.


  • Colloidal copper: possible help for arthritis and pain.
  • MSM: Not recognised by the FDA, there are millions of believers in its effectiveness for treating pain.  Crystal form of DMSO.  Works synergistically with DMSO
  • DMSO Same as above! Amazing delivery system. 
  • Essential oils including eucalyptus and menthol
  • Arnica oil: clinically studied and said to mitigate pain.
  • Olive oil: moisturizing
  • Cetyl alcohol and Stearic Acid ( fatty wax derived from coconut oil)

Warning: do NOT use if taking blood thinners, sedatives, or steroids as DMSO can increase their effectiveness. Do not use if pregnant as there are limited studies done on pregnant women and DMSO.  Wash hands before applying lotion. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
corinne skulmoski
Mercy Me

I have not noticed any improvement from this Mercy Extra Strength. I have used it daily for at least a week. I think my pains go deeper than this product is designed for. It smells nice.

Hi Coriine
I am so sorry to hear that the Mercy extra strength is not helping. We usually ask people to ask for a free sample before buying so that you can see if it will work for you. Can you tell me what kind of pain you suffer from so I can let my customers know that it most likely won't work on that kind of pain?
Let's see if we can fix this for you.

Wayne Morris
Happy customer for years & years & years

Mercy MSM, Mercy Soak, & Mercy Extra Strength

Hi Wayne
We are so appreciative of our long time customers that keep using our products. I am so glad that our Mercy never looses it's effectiveness even after people have been using it for years. I think you have been with us for at least 13 years now.
Thank you!

Doris Fishman
Mercy Extra Strength

We love the Mercy pain relief and it definitely works for us. A great product!

Thank you Doris.
We are always happy to hear that our Mercy is making a difference.
Thank you for being one of our long time customers. We appreciate your loyalty and patronage.
Merry Christmas and many blessings

Cathy Lutz
Mercy Extra Strength- Game Changer!

I have been using Mercy MSM for years now and just recently tried the Extra Strength as my arthritis had worsened.
What a game changer! The benefits were felt within moments and the intensity of the cream was felt deep into my pain , removing my pain faster even better than the regular strength on my worst areas!
Thank-you Mercy. Between the cream and the spray I can feel confident I can get long lasting relief quick , with out resorting to Advil and other traditional medications. Mercy Extra Strength MSM is a much healthier alternative with no side effects or damage to my stomach.

Hi Cathy
Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a detailed review. It is extremely important for our business to continue to succeed.
When I developed the Extra strength, it was based on scientific studies of the ingredients but that doesn't always mean that the combination will work any better than what we already had. I am so pleased to hear that you notice a big difference.
Hopefully Health Canada will change their minds and continue to allow 'natural health products'.
Thanks again

Sue Ridley
Review of Product Mercy

Cloud 9 Naturally
The ordering online is easy, paying is problematic. Scams Abound, & using PayPal is asking for trouble.
Your OTC health Product “Mercy Extra Strength.”
Immediately, from massaging it in, is a relief from the pain. After 5-10 minutes you can feel the warmth &
more relief from Mercy Extra Strength.
Skin is moisturized too!
Sue Ridley

Thank you Sue!
We are always happy to hear that the Extra strength is helping make life a little more comfortable knowing that there are no side effects from that relief.
We wish there was a better system for paying but at the moment the only other option is phone in orders which bypasses everything. We always welcome talking with our customers in person and we can still give you loyalty points for your order.