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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sharon R.
Amazing Grace is Amazing

I love the subtle fragrance and the way it glides onto my skin. It immediately made my skin feel so much softer and smoother! Great product for mature skin! I need more!

Thank you so much Sharon.
We are so happy to hear that you like it. There is a new batch in stock though it is a little more orange than the last batch due to a high lycopene content in the seabuckthorn oil. Your skin will love it as lycopene gives some UV protection, promotes collagen, and is said to decrease fine lines and aging.

Mercy is our new "go-to" pain relief

Having had 4 knee surgeries I have tried numerous creams for pain relief. Having tried your Mercy I was amazed at how effective and quickly the pain was gone. Not just subsided, but GONE! As for my husband, he broke his back years ago when he fell out of an oilrig. He never takes painkillers as he says it eventually goes away, but I can see the pain in his movements. One day the pain was persistant and he said let me try "that stuff" you're using. He was blown away at how fast it worked and couldn't quit talking about it LOL!!! You definitely have 2 true believers in the effectiveness of your wonderful Mercy. Thank you for introducing us to our new go-to pain relief!

Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I had to share this with my team! It always makes our day when we hear we are making a difference in peoples lives with our 'Mercy'. Thank you for giving us details as well. It is so helpful!

Helene Pinette
Mercy cream

Liked it we bought 2 bottles of the 110ml

Hi Helene
I am so glad you tried the samples before buying. I always like to make sure my customers know Mercy is going to work for them before buying. Glad it is working for you!

Magic rub

A friend gifted my mom with the rub and when I was early labour I'm telling you it helped!! I had no pain meds till the 2nd day!! Yes 2 days of back labour! And since I've given birth I've had back and leg pain and it works miracles!! I'm almost done the bottle and am searching for more!!

Thank you Kristy
Your review will be so helpful for other pregnant women who are wondering if Mercy will help. We really appreciate it. So glad it has helped!

Tara Grant
Great stuff

We started using this product a couple years ago and I have since turned a lot of my clients onto this product for various ailments.

Hi Tara
Thank you for your kind words and sharing our product. We appreciate it!