Make Your Own Sanitizer/ Hypochlorous Spray SALE

Make your own alcohol-free sanitizing liquid in minutes!

All you need is water and table salt.

Hypochlorous acid is an approved, safe and natural sanitizer, verified by Health Canada and the CDC for use against COVID. It has been proven to be effective within 10 seconds of contact, and is efficient against various bacteria and viruses. This sanitizer is used in hospital rooms, factories, on farms, in airports and beyond.

What is it?

This sanitizer is composed of water and a minimal amount of salt, which have been exposed to an electric current. Through this process, the molecules of H20 and NaCl are rearranged to create Hypochlorous acid (H0Cl). This formula is safe and odorless, yet powerful; in fact, it is produced by the body as a defense mechanism. In the past, the solution has not been widely used due to a short shelf life, however due to the current need for safe and budget-friendly disinfectants, its stability has been extended and is now more viable.

How the "Make Your Own Sanitizer Spray" kit works

Fill spray bottle with water.  Add 1/2 -1 tsp of table salt and turn on unit.  Light will turn off when ready in 5 minutes.  In two weeks the hypochlorous acid will revert back to salt water. 

Why hypochlorous acid is such a great option

  • In contrast to chemical disinfectants, it is completely safe for the environment and humans!
  • A natural hand sanitizer without harsh, drying, alcohol products.
  • You can make it fresh every time you need sanitizer for less than .5 cents/250ml.
  • No strong or harsh smell.

What to use it for

  • Use for hand washing, instead of alcohol hand sanitizers.
  • Use on surfaces like floors, countertops, bathrooms, pet areas.
  • Disinfect kids rooms, toys, and school supplies.
  • Put into diffuser and mist bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, hotel rooms, nursing home rooms, kitchens, TV rooms and living rooms.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables as well as cuts of meat from the grocery store, killing all bacteria and germs instantly.
  • Sterilizing baby bottles and soothers instead of boiling in water.
  • Use on mosquito bites, scratches, blisters or wounds to disinfect and enhance healing.
  • Use as a mouth wash.
  • Soak toothbrushes and dentures for safe and healthy cleaning.
  • Use in C-pap machines to kill bacteria (rinse with water afterwards).
  • Make a fresh batch for your kids to take to school everyday and you for your workplace.
  • Make a .05% solution spray for contact dermatitis.
You are going to love this!  I love mine.

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