Great Vacation Travel Set


 I was on the road a lot.  There was specific products that I never traveled without,  otherwise, many of my trips would have been ruined.  My son and his buddy  went on a ski trip and both took bad falls that ended the skiing for the day.  Luckily, Jesse had this set with him and were able to continue their skiing the next day.  Without the set, they each would have lost hundreds of dollars on lift tickets, hotel etc. 

Now that we are all traveling again, from camping to beach vacations or work travel, these are a must have for any trips.  Treat these problems naturally, without a prescription or the need for a Doctors visit.  Don't risk having your trip ruined by:

  • infected scratches,
  • itchy bites from no see ums and mosquitoes,
  • painful sunburn,
  • pulled or strained muscles from golfing or adventures,
  • heat rashes,
  • blisters from shoes...
  • colds and coughs
  • falls and accidents 

Any of the above can turn an expensive, great trip into an uncomfortable, miserable trip.  These problems can all be helped by this travel size, easily packed bag of goodies that you will be thankful you brought with you.

Mercy 60ml: pain of all kinds, restless leg, bursitis, muscle cramping, coughs, colds and congestion, growing pains, headache, restless leg...

4 Thieves Germ Shield spray 30ml: disinfect door knobs, pillows, counters, bites, scrapes and scratches, hands....

Cooling Comfort Spray 30ml: this pulls the heat from burns of all kind.  No touching of the painful area, this will deliver comfort in minutes. 

After Suncare 60ml:  Apply this to the burn once the heat and pain are gone.  This will help speed the healing of your skin.  Many of our customers swear this is the best product we make! Excellent for sunburn whether you are laying on a beach or skiing down the slopes.

Organic Comfort (pocket size):  The one product I am never with out!  Cuts, blisters, bites, wounds, rashes, chaffing, itching, sores... So many uses in one little tube. Some of my first customers are still using this after 22 years, buying a jar every year.

Mercy Soak 25gr (1 bath): Pulled muscles, cold and flu, travelers diarrhea, aches and pains from over doing it, falls sprains and strains chills, swollen feet, detox from over indulging, relax after busy day of sight seeing/ walking, hiking, golfing, horseback riding... 

Comes in a water proof travel bag with lots of pockets for organizing. 

Deluxe set includes these extras:

Mercy Soak 225gr (8-10 baths)

Magnesium spray 30ml:replenish depleted magnesium from travels diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, heat stroke, too much sun, muscle spasms, charlie horse...

Hypochlorous acid maker:  naturally disinfect fruits, vegetables and even meat and fish as well as counter tops, cuts, scrapes, etc.  Uses table salt, water and a electrical current ( uses USB port), hypochlorous acid reverts back to salt water within two weeks so will not harm the environment. Make as much or as little as you want. Includes pocket size spray bottle.

Travel Set: save $17.50

Deluxe Set: save $22.50 plus free shipping!

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