Fruit farts

Specifically made for safe, HEALTH bathing!

Safe for kids, safe for the environment!

Our Christmas fruit farts were a hit, so now we bring you a SPRING scent! We've made them bigger, added new fragrances, and even launched our lip balm line with flavors kids will love. Try our strawberry shortcake Beaver Chew, peachy Moose Droppings, or root "bear" Polar Bear Poo.


Spring Fruit Farts Bubble salts: Safe bubbles for kids (500ml).  (blueberry, peach, mango coconut) layers 100% natural!

Epsom salts: helps relax muscles while absorbing beneficial magnesium
SLSA: ecocert bubble powder (not to be confused with the chemical SLS)
Baking Soda: exfoliating, softening
Coconut powder:  skin softening, high nutrients like Vit B, C, E potassium and folate
Colloidal oats: skin soothing
Citric acid: softens, smooths, exfoliates dead skin cells, adjusts PH to ensure mildness
Fractionated coconut oil: light moisturizing
Turmeric, beetroot, moringa, blue spirulina: vitamins, anti-inflammatory
Natural fragrance

The Spring Fruit farts Lotion is a fun and playful lotion that is completely natural and filled with all kinds of goodness. With notes of orange, mango, peach, and coconut, this lotion will have everyone wanting to use it.

Apricot oilmoisturizing and full of vitamins and minerals 
Vit Emoisturizing and healing
Stearic acid and Cetyl alcohol: natural thickeners
Colloidal magnesium and zinc:  antioxidant, speeds wound healing, can offer some protection from UV ray damage.
MSM: hydrates and soothes
Natural fragrance

For the little ones, we have Fruit Farts Lip Balm! Try out flavors like moose droppings and beaver chew - they're simply irresistible.

Olive oil, cocoa butter, jojoba, apricot kernel, sunflower oil, beeswax, natural flavorings.

Bubble Truffles: moisturizing and bubbles in a truffle form! These truffles combine both worlds.Hold one under running water for best bubbles.

SLSA: ecocert bubble powder surfactant (not to be confused with the chemical SLS)
Coco betaine: natural bubbles
Baking Soda: exfoliating, softening
Cocoa butter:moisturizing
Tapioca starch: hydrating
Glycerin: humectantAll natural scents
Colours/dyes made from powdered vegetables or mica.

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