Great Vacation Travel Set


 I frequently traveled and had go-to products that always came with me. When my son and his buddy went on a ski trip, they experienced falls that would have halted their trip had it not been for the Great Vacation Travel Set. Without it, each of them would have lost hundreds of dollars on lift tickets, hotel, etc. Therefore, for any excursion, from camping to beach vacations, or work travel, these are essential for a successful trip. Resolve issues naturally without a prescription or doctor's visit and don't risk destroying the perfect trip.

  •  infected scratches,
  • itchy bites from no see ums and mosquitoes,
  • painful sunburn,
  • pulled or strained muscles from golfing or adventures,
  • heat rashes,
  • blisters from shoes...
  • colds and coughs
  • falls and accidents 

Any of the aforementioned issues could transform an otherwise enjoyable and luxurious holiday into an unpleasant and wretched one. Fortunately, this conveniently sized, compactly stowed bag of provisions will save the day and make you thankful you brought it along.

Mercy 60ml: This lotion helps to treat a wide range of conditions, including muscle pain, bursitis, coughing, nasal congestion, restlessness, headaches, growing pains, and more.

4 Thieves Germ Shield spray 30ml: disinfect door knobs, pillows, counters, bites, scrapes and scratches, hands....

Cooling Comfort Spray 30ml: this pulls the heat from burns of all kind.  No touching of the painful area, this will deliver comfort in minutes. 

After Suncare 60ml:  This product offers relief from heat and pain after a burn and promotes skin healing. Many customers have praised its efficacy in treating sunburn, regardless of the activity leading to the burn.

Organic Comfort (pocket size):  This necessity is an all-in-one solution for cuts, blisters, bites, wounds, rashes, chaffing, itching, and sores. With a proven track record of 22 years and countless loyal customers, this product is a must-have for anyone.

Mercy Soak 25gr (1 bath): Muscle fatigue, flu, dehydration due to diarrhea, soreness from excessive activity, sprains and strains, chills, edema, and relief from a long day of sightseeing, treks, golf, and horseback riding can all be addressed with this vacation travel set.

Comes in a water proof travel bag with lots of pockets for organizing. 

Deluxe set includes these extras:

Mercy Soak 225gr (8-10 baths)

Magnesium spray 30ml:replenish depleted magnesium from travels diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, heat stroke, too much sun, muscle spasms, charlie horse...

Hypochlorous acid maker:  naturally disinfect fruits, vegetables and even meat and fish as well as counter tops, cuts, scrapes, etc.  Uses table salt, water and a electrical current ( uses USB port), hypochlorous acid reverts back to salt water within two weeks so will not harm the environment. Make as much or as little as you want. Includes pocket size spray bottle.


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