Fresh Fruit Scrub

Fresh Fruit Scrub

Fresh Fruit Scrub

Eighteen years ago, when Trish and I first started out, sugar and salt scrubs were just starting to make an appearance. We decided to add our own twist on it by adding fresh fruit. Some of our first retail products together as a team were fresh fruit sugar and salt scrubs and fresh fruit face masks. Unfortunately, we were ahead of our time. They sold but not very well. Nobody knew what to do with them. Now days, scrubs are everywhere.

We still don’t see fruit scrubs due to preservative problems. So we decided to resurrect these amazing scrubs by sharing the recipe with you. Winter is the perfect time to do use these: all of us could use a burst of vitamins and something to regenerate that dry, scaly, itchy skin!

Sugar Scrub / Salt Scrub Recipe


    • 1/2 cup your choice of any of the fruits below, fresh or frozen

        • Bananas are rich in natural oils, moisturizing, full of potassium.

        • Apricots and peaches are skin softening, high in mineral salts and vitamins.

        • Avocado is nourishing, conditioning, full of vitamins and minerals and stimulates cell growth.

        • Papaya is extremely high vit A, contains a protein digesting enzyme that helps dissolve dead skin, restoring skin's natural pH and is wound healing.

        • Blueberries and cucumbers are astringent making them a good choice for oily skin.

        • Mangoes are emollient, high in vitamins, and improve skin elasticity

    • 1/2 cup sugar, salt, or coconut sugar

    • Options:

        • Add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the carrier oil. Just be careful if adding citrus oils as too much can be photo toxic to the skin. (I happen to like frankincense and/or myrrh in mine.)


    1. Thaw fruit if using frozen fruit. Discard excess juices (or drink them). Puree the fruit in a blender or food processor.

    1. Add any essential oils to your carrier oil of choice. Add oil mixture to fruit puree.

    1. Fold in sugar slowly and adjust to desired thickness.

    1. Use immediately!

        1.  Shower first using soap. Rinse with water

        1. Gently massage scrub onto skin in small circular motions to help loosen dead skin cells. Rinse with water.

        1. Do not use soap after you have used the scrub!

    1. Freeze excess scrub in ziplock bags for later. When ready to use again, put closed ziplock bagged scrub in bowl of hot water to warm to desired temperature.

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