Essential Oils for Nausea

Essential Oils for Nausea

Essential Oils for Nausea

Using essential oils for nausea - morning sickness , stomach flu, motion sickness, post op surgery, etc.

Inhalation of essential oils can be a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to help nausea for all ages. It is not meant to cure the underlying issue, however it can reduce feelings of nausea.

Nausea cannot be scientifically rated or measured, it is purely subjective. For this reason, there are relatively few good scientific studies using essential oils for nausea. From the few studies that proved to be the best possible given the circumstances, here are some suggestions for using essential oils for nausea:

Lemon Essential Oil:

    • Inhalation over a prolonged period (as in 3-4 days or more) worked the best with lasting effects on nausea.

    • We recommend using a personal inhaler. Take deep breaths and inhale for 1-2 minutes at a time. Use as needed.

Peppermint Essential Oil:

    • Personal inhalers are our choice as they can be used in a hospital setting. Take deep breaths as often as needed.

Ginger Essential Oil:

    • Works well for nausea caused by chemotherapy and post operative nausea where nausea is 1-2 days or just hours.

    • Ginger root CO2 (achieved through CO2 extraction) has proven to be the for best short term effects, though ginger essential oil (achieved through steam distillation) works well

        • CO2 extraction is a relatively new process that can help extract some of the "heavier" components from the plant, which can have excellent healing properties. These heavy components are not recovered with regular steam distillation

The following exact blends of essential oils have not been studied, but contain ingredients that have. We vouch for them based on our experiences and those of our friends, family, and customers!


    • A blend of essential oils from an herbal recipe dating back to ancient China.

    • Smell is very nice - smells a little like those candy hearts with a spearmint base!

    • Has been successfully used for motion sickness and morning sickness for many years

    • Can be used in a car diffuser for motion sickness or in a personal inhaler - breathe deeply for 2-3 minutes or longer.

Tummy Rumbles

    • A blend of essential oils known to be digestive, anti-ulcer, reduce stomach spasms, gas, bloating, and nausea

    • Similar to Young Living's Degize blend

    • Best used in a massage oil blend. Dilute to 2.5% in a carrier oil, then rub on tummy before or after meals (dilute to a lower percentage for the elderly and young)

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