I Used to be a Warrior, Now I'm a Couch Potato

I Used to be a Warrior, Now I'm a Couch Potato

I Used to be a Warrior, Now I'm a Couch Potato

How I got my passionate "warrior" back

Have you lost your fight?

Have you become silent about issues you used to be passionate about?

Have you lost your energy?

Are you afraid to speak out for change because of bullies or naysayers?

I used to be passionate about man-made chemicals. I passionately hated them. I believed that they are the leading cause of cancer. I believed they were bad for our children, bad for us, and bad for the environment. It is why I got into this business. What happened to that warrior?

I can’t speak for you, but I think I just got worn out over time. Trish and I put years of very hard work and long hours promoting our company, researching and developing products, and trying to foster awareness about man-made chemicals and natural alternatives.  Despite this, I continued to see people who would rather use a chemical-laden product because it was easier, cheaper, or smelled pretty. Slowly, I stopped caring as much and my passion became diminished.

This year, on August long weekend, I finally got to enjoy a weekend away (the first time in years!). It was hot, sunny and at that time, free of smoke from the forest fires. The Canmore Folk Festival was on. This festival is a favourite of mine and I had not been there in years. Good music, good food, good people, awesome surroundings! What more could you ask for? So that's where I went!

It was there that my passion was rekindled and my inner warrior was re-awoken.

Between musical acts, some of the musicians (including Buffy St. Marie) were discussing issues. Jon Brooks, a talented folk singer, made a statement that resonated with me. It cut straight through my "brain fog" and spoke to my heart. He compared folk singers and writers to warriors. They use their songs and words to fight injustices and educate their audience about issues close to their hearts. It reminded me of why Trish and I started our business in the first place: to provide clean, chemical-free, natural products that are safe for people and the environment.

I try to regularly write articles and recipes for our website and newsletter, teaching people about natural alternatives. Lately, this writing had become another chore along with everything else on my to do list. I was a beat up, old soldier who couldn’t remember what I was fighting for. But now I have a renewed focus.

A dear friend lost her battle to cancer this spring and I have at least ten more fighting for their lives battling cancer right now (including a man and his 12 year old daughter). While we will probably never know what caused the various cancers, we do know that an awful lot of them are environmental. Witnessing this struggle against cancer and knowing in some cases, it could have been avoided has also rekindled my passion.

My silent warrior has awoken and will be silent no more!

I still believe that the 80,000+ chemicals being manufactured and used today in everyday products are a big part of the cancers we face.

I believe we are not only poisoning the environment, but also our children - who have no say.

I believe that good information is key to change. If I provide you with good information that you can trust, you will think before purchasing.

I believe profit-seeking has taken over and the government is NOT going to do what is best for us, creating laws to protect us. Lobby groups with money make that concept a false reality.  If we as consumers stop buying chemical-laden products, big corporations will take note. We have already seen that - Clorox bleach bought Burt’s Bees because they saw their sales falling and natural products sales growing.

I believe we should all be passionate about at least one issue, we shouldn’t be afraid to speak out, and we shouldn’t give up when we don’t see change.

So, I make this promise to you:  I will bring you the best information I can to equip you to make healthy decisions.

My hope is that you will not be silent - spread the word, tell your friends, family, and coworkers. Skip the chemical-laden skin care this winter in favour of small natural companies that work hard to bring you healthy choices. Stop using heavy, chemically scented bath bombs and bubble baths. Quit putting fabric scents in you dryer.

If nothing else, I hope that my words have reminded you about a passion of yours that you may have been neglecting - whether it's an activity, subject, social issue, etc... maybe it's time to get back into it!

Drop me a note in an email or the comments below and let me know what you are passionate about. Tell me what you are curious about so I can write more articles on topics that interest you. Ask me questions and I will do my best to answer!

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