Pet Rescue: Skin Salve


Are you concerned about all of the chemicals in your pet care products? 

Does your pet suffer with

         insect bites, rashes, hot spots & skin problems?            Looking for instant relief and fast healing

without stinging?

This is what one of our customers had to say:"My dog (Bernese mountain dog) has very sensitive skin and I have dealt with many hot spots over the years. I have never had a product work so quickly on my dogs skin.  Between the spray and salve it healed on it’s on and It saved me a trip to the vet."

 Delivering soothing relief to a variety of skin conditions such as rashes, irritations, hot spots, sores, insect bites, and saddle sores, this salve helps to lessen itch, decrease inflammation and reduce redness without causing stinging.

Wild-harvested organic herbs like Chickweed, Comfrey, and Lemonbalm work together to rapidly heal the skin. Wild Plantain,  serves to naturally and effectively relieve itchiness. With a 2% dilution of Neem oil, it minimizes flies and bugs from biting, feeding, and laying eggs, as well as repelling and disrupting insect hormones.

 Our essential oils are chosen for their effectiveness at healing, and protecting. They were carefully chosen for their performance as anti bacterial, anti fungal, and antiseptics. 

Used safely on animals for over 30 years.

environmentally friendly, steroid free, does not contain alcohol, non staining, 100% natural, non stinging

Q and A

How much do I use?This is a concentrate! 1/2 a pea size is more than enough to treat an area of about 6 in x 6 in.  Use less for smaller areas.

If animals lick this, is it toxic? No, but it is not recommended that you let pets lick any salves due to the oils that may upset their digestive tract.

Cats should NOT use this product due to the essential oils in the product.

Is this safe for humans? Yes, we have used this for over 30 years on humans. Do not cross contaminate if you want to use this on yourself as well as your pet.

Does it help repel bugs and insects? Yes, the combination of oils can help but it is best to use in an area where the animal can not lick it.

Will it help with itchy spots? Yes, itchiness due to allergies, skin infections, fungal infections and it has anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

How does it work for saddle or contact sores?  It quickly soothes blisters, rashes, burns and contact rub sores and creates a barrier to help quickly heal area.

I have heard that comfrey should be avoided. There are two forms of Comfrey. One has components that can be hard on the liver. This comfrey has yellow flowers. The comfrey we use is free from these components and has blue and purple flowers. We grow it ourselves to ensure we never get the wrong comfrey.

Can this product freeze and melt?  yes, let it thaw if frozen and place in colder spot  to harden if it melts.

This is a concentrated formula and is non-stinging and fast absorbing.

Key Ingredient list:

Comfrey:healing, pain relief, burns, bites, lacerations, wound healing

Plantain:anti itch

Chickweed:vitamins and nutrients for healing, soothing wounds

Lemonbalm: for treating anxiety and wound healing

Olive oil:maintains skin moisture and for healthy hair

Sunflower:essential fatty acids for healthy coats

Apricot: speeds healing of dry, inflamed skin

Jojoba:non toxic, skin healing

Beeswax: creates a barrier protecting skin while healing.

Neem:anti fungal, dermatitis, ringworm, skin infections...

Essential Oils:anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti parasite, healing, insecticidal


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