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For over two decades, customers have found relief from a wide range of ailments, such as arthritis, sprains, and pulled muscles, through the utilization of our Pain Buster for their beloved animals. As people grow more conscious of chemical-based products and increasingly prefer natural, holistic approaches to health, no one needs to witness their pet suffer needlessly.


Pain Buster works within minutes and was designed to naturally:

  • reduce chronic arthritic pain within minutes without drugs

  • reduce inflammation and joint pain

  • restore much needed sulfates to cells

  • treat muscle spasm/shivers quickly and effectively

  • reduce joint and muscle swelling from over exertion, lameness...

  • restore muscle and joint health

  • does NOT contain CBD and THC 

Key Ingredients: MSM, therapeutic essential oils, olive oil, menthol all work synergistically to deliver pain relief within minutes, lasting between 6-8 hours.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has long been used to relieve inflammation and arthritis-related pain in dogs, horses, and other animals. We've implemented this natural ingredient in our lotion formula, providing fast-acting relief in as little as two minutes. Regular use of MSM can improve joint movement for those suffering from arthritic conditions, reduce muscle damage, and lead to better overall joint health. With our formula, pet owners can take comfort knowing that their animals can receive fast, effective pain relief with no side effects.

Q and A

 If animals lick this, is it toxic? No, Most animals do not like the taste and stop licking.

Can this be used on cats?  No, as there is peppermint in this lotion.  Cats do not do well on peppermint.  They do not have the enzymes required to break down the phenols.  Peppermint can cause liver damage in cats.

Can I use this to much? No, all ingredients are safe to use for long periods and there is no known reports of overdose.

Is it safe to use on my animals every day?  All known evidence point to it being safe to use every day.  There are no known reports of adverse effects from over use.

How does this product work? The combination of ingredients are quickly absorbed through skin, enter the blood stream and within minutes takes down inflammation, reducing pain and discomfort. It helps to restores sulfur to cells, block pain signals and strengthens connective tissue.

How long do the effects last? Anywhere from 6-8 hours. Pain Buster can help speed healing of certain conditions like pulled muscles, muscle spasms, twisted joints, but will not cure arthritis but relieves pain associated to it.

Will this work for lameness? Yes, it won't cure it but will help with pain and inflammation.

Will it help my old dog who is stiff and sore? Yes, separate fur and rub into skin. Applied as needed.

Is it safe for the environment?  yes. None of the ingredients are known to cause any harm to the environment.

Animals this is safe to use on?  horses, dogs, goats, lamas, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, HUMANS...

Not safe for cats.

Available in two forms: spray or lotion

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