Pet Rescue: Paws, Nose and Hoof Balm


Naturally care for your pet's paws, nose, and hooves with Pet Rescue Paws, Nose and Hoof Balm! Our 23+ years of trusted natural ingredients deliver incredible results. From the first application, you and your pet will notice the difference. 

Safe, steroid free, and alcohol free, bring your pet the comfort they deserve! Experience the 100% natural difference!

 Crusting, Cracking, Peeling or Dry 

Fast, ALL Natural treatment for: 

paws, snout, ears, elbows, hoofs, waddle, nipples...

Protection from damages caused by:

Concrete and pavement    Salts and Ice melts

Snow balling    Sand   Chemicals and pesticides

 Helps by:

  • Conditions and repairs cracks
  • Prevents cracking
  • Restores moisture
  • Protects against environmental damages
  • Antifungal, anti bacterial
  • Absorbs quickly Provides a natural barrier


Key Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, Canadian beeswax, olive oil, sunflower, jojoba, apricot kernel oil, vit E, pet safe essential oils

Q and A

Is this safe for cats: No as it contains palmerosa oil.

Is this safe for humans?Yes, we have been safely using this on humans for over 25 years. Do not cross contaminate if you are using this on your animal and want to use it on yourself.

Will it help with existing cracks?Yes, it restores elasticity to help prevent re-occurring cracks and bleeding.

Can it be used on other areas of the animal that are dry and cracking?Yes, the ingredients are very safe for animals and can help a wide variety of skin problems.

Is the Cocoa butter safe for dogs?Yes Cocoa butter is the fat extracted from the cocoa plant, and is not “chocolate.”

How does it help my animals already damage area?It helps the damaged area by protecting the cells from more environmental stress, cell damage and tissue injury, giving the area time to be restored. Vit E has been shown to increase capillary circulation in the area which helps maintain elasticity and moisture. Beeswax provides a natural barrier and protection from the elements, pavement, salts, bacteria, snow...

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lesley Hildebrandt

Our dog has a VERY crusty nose and we use this in it and it is doing an amazing job of getting rid of the problem Highly recommend this product

Hi Lesley
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. It is very much appreciated!
I am happy to hear that it is making a big difference for the health and happiness of your dog. You probably noticed that a tiny amount makes a big difference. I hope that more people realize that product in small jars can have a huge impact because they are not full of cheap fillers.

My dog loves this and I love how it makes him smell!

I feel confident knowing that if my dog licks his paws with the product on, it will be safe. It makes him smell great and is easy to apply.

Thank you Barbara!
We appreciate every review we get. Often people email us about how pleased they are with the results but we are unable to use the reviews on our website because a review must have a certified buyer. In order to be certified, they must have bought the product on line. We love that our customers buy from our retail stores, supporting the local economy but miss being able to use their reviews so it is extra special to us when our long time online customers leave a review.
PS: We are really happy to hear that your dog is loving it!