Mercy MSM Boxed Set

Boxed set contains:

  • Mercy MSM Lotion 110mL

  • Mercy MSM Soak 225g

Our all-natural Mercy MSM great for all types of pain, like sports injuries, muscle pain, sore/tired feet, relaxing, stress release, detoxing. The soak can also help with colds, congestion. When used together, the soak and the lotion can be very effective, even for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Safe to use on children over 2 years old. Has been used successfully by many pregnant women, but as with all pregnancies, please check with your health care provider. We offer a money back guarantee on our Mercy MSM line.

For more information on the medicinal ingredients and properties, go to the MSM soak page and the MSM lotion page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Lois Esmond
Excellent Product

Mercy MSM has helped immensely throughout her ordeal with Pain Management. She has been using it for past two years. I am her best friend and I am writing this in her behalf as I put in the orders for her. Sadly, she lost her battle last week so she is at peace now and can unite with her husband.

Jennifer Kuehner

I just love this soak. Not only does it feel luxurious to and so relaxing, it smells divine. My muscles definitely feel relaxed after this soak.

Thank you! This is one of those items you always want in your bathroom cupboard because you never know when you are going to need it...especially in the winter.

dan threatful

Mercy MSM Lotion

Thank you!

Barbara Morin
Very responsive service

I asked for shipping for my order to be delayed to accommodate my being away for a time after I had ordered. This was honoured perfectly and my order arrived when I was at home, just as requested. Thank you! I use this product for restless legs - sometimes it is successful and sometimes not but at least it is an option that I find worthwhile to try when my legs are going wild.

Hi Barbara
I have restless leg as well. I assumed that it didn't work for those bad days but several of my customers informed me that on really bad days, it requires 2-3 applications but always works. I have had to apply it twice a couple of times and while on a long flight, I was forced to apply it three times before it finally kicked in and worked. Try this method on those bad days and please let me know if these instructions worked so that I can tell others.
I am glad we were able to give you good service. We do mess up sometimes but we try our best. I will share your comment with my shipper. He will be pleased to hear your kind words.


This cream is amazing. It does what it say"s it will do. i like that it is all natural, with a nice refreshing smell. Well done. Will purchase again.

Thank you for your very kind review. We appreciate that you took the time as reviews help people decide if it is worth trying. We publish every review, good or bad. Happily, 99.9% of our customers are like you and love our products!