Mercy MSM Boxed Set

Boxed set contains:

  • Mercy MSM Lotion 110mL

  • Mercy MSM Soak 225g

Our all-natural Mercy MSM great for all types of pain, like sports injuries, muscle pain, sore/tired feet, relaxing, stress release, detoxing. The soak can also help with colds, congestion. When used together, the soak and the lotion can be very effective, even for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Safe to use on children over 2 years old. Has been used successfully by many pregnant women, but as with all pregnancies, please check with your health care provider. We offer a money back guarantee on our Mercy MSM line.

For more information on the medicinal ingredients and properties, go to the MSM soak page and the MSM lotion page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Brenda Shaver

Mercy MSM cream has been wonderful for my gout. I found the product in a drug store in Killiam and was quite dismayed that I couldnt find it at any my drug stores so i was thrilled to find you on line and the delivery was so super fast. Thanks for a wonderful product

Hi Brenda
Thank you for the review and for allowing us to know the specifics of what you use it for. It is very helpful for others who are thinking of trying our Mercy.
Many of our customers go into their favorite shops and ask them if they would consider carrying our products. We have gained so many shops this way. And if the shop decides to carry us, we give you $50.00 worth of free products.

Charlene N.
helps with swelling, pain of the knee

HI guys, I first became a customer at the Millarville Market before Covid hit. I'm a nurse by trade. After almost 25 years of working on nursing units, playing sports and riding horses, I developed severe pain, stiffness and inflammation to my one of my knees. This past Summer and Fall, my knee started to act up again and I pulled out the MSM and began to use it. To be honest, I forgot I had it because I haven't needed it for quite a while. Within 2 days of use, I woke up on day three and had no pain. I could touch my toes again, walk up and down the stairs with ease and my physiotherapist was even amazed how fast the swelling went down from behind the knee. I may have had a Baker's cyst, undiagnosed but all the symptoms were there. Thank you guys. I hope to see you this year at the Spruce Meadows Market 2021. I need to get more.. :)

Hi Charlene,
First, thank you so much for the wonderful review. We appreciate it very much.
I love that we were able to help your pain so quickly. We have a lot of nurses that swear by our Mercy. It is also great to know that a two year old bottle was still working as well as a fresh bottle would. It is due to the quality of the ingredients we use! I am so sorry we will not see you at Spruce Meadows this year. Unfortunately our schedule couldn't fit it in. Check out our locations page for the nearest store near you.
PS: Did you know that you can use our Mercy on horses and dogs?

Marilyn Torell
MSM works

Works really well.It smells nice w/o medicinal or flowery odour.

Thanks Marilyn!
The scent is a combination of essential oils that were chosen for their anti inflammatory action. Luckily when combined, they smell nice together.

Doug Schafer


Hi Doug
As a long time customer of Cloud 9 naturally, I really appreciate your business and your review. It means a lot to me. Thank you!

Danielle Fehr

Mercy MSM Lotion

Hi Danielle
Thank you for the five stars! We appreciate it. We work hard to make sure people get the best products for their dollar.