Mercy Extra Strength

Extra strength Mercy

Mercy has been bolstered with the strength of colloidal copper, arnica oil, and DMSO. Our team and testers have found the results to be impressive. See what our customers have to say to get an impartial evaluation. Same great scent as our Mercy.  Same non greasy lotion.

Everyone responds differently to natural ingredients so we recommend trying it before you buy.   We suggest dropping us a note and asking for a sample before you purchase.   We will gladly send you a sample to try. 

 Email us for a (freeee*) sample  to try before you buy.


  • Colloidal copper: possible help for arthritis and pain.
  • MSM: Not recognised by the FDA, there are millions of believers in its effectiveness for treating pain.  Crystal form of DMSO.  Works synergistically with DMSO
  • DMSO Same as above! Amazing delivery system. 
  • Essential oils including eucalyptus and menthol
  • Arnica oil: clinically studied and said to mitigate pain.
  • Olive oil: moisturizing
  • Cetyl alcohol and Stearic Acid ( fatty wax derived from coconut oil)

Warning: do NOT use if taking blood thinners, sedatives, or steroids as DMSO can increase their effectiveness. Do not use if pregnant as there are limited studies done on pregnant women and DMSO.  Wash hands before applying lotion. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Still haven’t received the order 4 weeks now

Hi Yasmin.
Your order was shipped out less than 24 hours after you ordered. It should have been to you in two days. I just tracked it through Canada Post and it appears stuck somewhere. It just says:' Item delayed'. with no explanation. We will ship out a new one Monday.. Meanwhile we will get on Canada Post. If you receive the old parcel, just reject the new parcel.
I am so sorry this is happening to you.

Monica Buit
Mercy Extra Strength

I really like it, helps curb the pain.

Thank you!
We love to hear that Mercy is helping.

edward fewchuk
Finally; something that works!

I was told about Mercy MSM by my sister in law so I tried it as I have neuropathy in my feet and WOW did it work well. Nothing else I had tried worked as well so now I use it every day! What a relief. It also works on sore muscles and pulls.

Hi Edward
Thank you so much for your review. It will be helpful to anyone with the same issues.
We love to hear that our Mercy is delivering needed pain relief.
Thank your sister in law for me for passing the word out. We appreciate it.

Pauline Fortier
Mercy Extra Strength

While I'm blessed with mostly a pain free body, I sometimes over extend or overwork my body while strength training or even yoga. And I recently did just that. A couple of lower back massages with the mercy, and I was back to great. Love all your products that I've used so far!

Thank you Pauline!
I too am blessed to be pain free most of the time. I wrenched my back gardening a couple of weeks ago and ended up living on the Mercy for a few days. I rarely have to use my own product but was sure glad I had it when I needed it.
Thanks for being a loyal, long time customer!

Neil Brown
Awesome products

Awesome products, works good

Thank you Neil.
Every single review means the world to us.