Handmade Soap Limited edition


If you have never tried a handmade soap, now is the time to try. Handmade soaps are longer lasting, less drying and more environmentally friendly than liquid soaps.  They outlast and outperform mass produced, factory made liquid and bar soaps every time.

We have been making this recipe for 25 years and frequently sell out. 

Time to make the switch back to basics!

Base: Saponified oils of Coconut, olive, palm (sustainable), castor, cocoa butter, silk and fragrance oils.  Some contain fresh, organic vegetables and fruits from my garden (except for the bananas. Global warming has not quite made it possible to grow bananas in Alberta).


Lavender:French High altitude lavender, simply a beautiful bar.

Magnolia: Most magnolia fragrances are uncomplicated and sugary; nevertheless, *this* magnolia scent is luxurious, captivating, and intricate, starting with hints of grapefruit, orange, ylang ylang, hyacinth, and freesia, followed by a fruity-floral heart of tuberose, lily of the valley, naturally, magnolia, and plum. Finishing touches of vanilla and musk add firmness and sensuality. The Southern favorite flower has finally received the attention it merits.

Lily of the valley:  Immerse yourself in the aroma of green leaves, a delightful perfume of a bouquet of sweet lily of the valley, violets, jasmine, roses, hyacinth and soft powdery notes.  This is sure to transport you back in time to simpler days in a by gone time.

Rose Garden:Damask rose, red roses, rose centifolia ... nothing but roses.


Aurora Borealis:Patchouli lovers, this is for you! Wild Sage, sweetgrass, sandalwood and patchouli. Earthy, warm, grounding.  If you don't like patchouli, this one is not for you.

Ocean Rain: An old favourite, This combines a fresh ocean with a soft rain scent that is hard to describe. Hints of beach grass with whiffs of floral, salt  and sweet notes finish off this lovely fragrance.

Winter Serenade: A blend of warm cinnamon cookies and candy canes,  Christmas trees, and savory fig pudding -- all of winter's most enjoyable and inviting elements, this is Winter Serenade. This harmonious combination is truly comforting and delightful.

Woodland Walk:A blend of piney essential oil and a medley of evergreens and forestry fragrances. A winner for guys but girls love it too!

Chai:Warm up with Chai tea, milk, honey. The sweetness of honey combines with exotic spices, vanilla and black tea. An enveloping aroma ideal for wintry, rainy, or fall days!

Mochaccino: Bottom layer's a blend of expresso coffee and cocoa, middle's a mix of cream and honey, top's pure vanilla cream. Some say caffeine's a great anti-ager and skin tightener. I like to use it as a scrub when I'm gardening or in winter for slaying scaly skin.

Fruits and Veggies:

Banana Smoothie Skin refresher:What would a smoothie be without a banana?  So much nutrition, packed with potassium for your skin's benefit, stimulating faster cell turnover that can help get rid of acne marks and other scars.  Currently, this is my favourite soap. It has a very gentle, soft scent without the harsh chemical smell that banana products can sometimes have.

Coconut Beach: Coconut, banana, mango scent takes you straight to a sun-soaked beach! We've upped the aroma with a touch of vanilla, sure to make it the sweetest smell ever.

Cranberry Spice: an old favourite. A zesty-tangy blend of cranberry and cozy spice notes - gingerbread, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. The unbeatable duo of cranberry and seasonal scents.

Garden Cucumber: fresh from my organic garden, pureed cucumber make a refreshing soap that your skin will love.  The scent is green, slightly sweet and reminiscent of warm summer days.

Organic Pumpkin: Organic Pumpkin from my patch pulverized and blended with my handmade soap. Allegedly, pumpkin soap can help with psoriasis or inflamed skin. Laden with fruit enzymes, alpha-hydroxy acids, and vitamins, it serves as a brilliant softening exfoliant. Pumpkin could potentially reduce the look of age spots and ameliorate skin that's been exposed to the sun. Topped with cinnamon and vanilla, this bar is finger-lickin' delicious. Even men love it!

Raspberry Mango: Tart raspberries and sweet mango strike up a friendship creating an 'Americas meet Canada' kinda vibe.

Sweet Pomelo: Glimmering grapefruit and citrus flavors mixed with just a kiss of heat that conjures up pomegranate. This soap is big-time versatile - all year long! So sad we can't offer more of it, or else it'd be an instant classic.

Pomegranate and Mistletoe: Tart pomegranate joining forces with juicy blackberry, a hint of peach, boysenberry, lemon, and raspberry. Musk and vanilla bring the fruity-goodness together for that Christmassy feel - and don't worry, you don't have to wait for December to enjoy it! It's great all year round.

Tomato leaf:Warm, verdant, tomato-leafy. Sounds odd, yet it truly smells delightful. A touch of crisp green leaves with a gentle sweetness - more floral than tomato-y. A definite top pick for me and all who sniffs it! 

Tropical Sunset: The horizon is the limit with our sunset scent. Feel the coconut, mango, banana and spiced rum wash over you like the aqua waters on a sandy beach for a gentle, inviting aroma. Let the sunset colour of this soap set the tone!

For Men and women: 

Mysterious Musk: Ohhhhhh, my -- words are inadequate to describe this fragrance. A masculine musk that is warm and sexy at the same time. Think romance! A fireplace, candlelight, the moon.... 

Irish spring duplicate:What can we say? A very close match to the original.

Winter Mountain: Unisex scent that has a hint of musk, fir, fresh clean air yet warm and inviting.

Customer Reviews

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Doris Fishman
Handmade soap

I love the soft gentle handmade soaps I bought from you. Not only are the scents wonderful but the quality is so easy on the skin.

Hi Doris
As one of my favourite long time customers, it is always great to hear that you love each of the new products you try out.
I love our soap too. I have not used store bought soap in over 30 years. I have a magnolia soap in my shower right now that I am loving and the lavender soap at my bathroom sink. I love the two tone purples. I used to just do plain soaps with very little colour but had a little extra time to play recently with colours. So glad you are enjoying the soaps too!

Doris H
A super satisfied customer 🥰

I used to purchase this soap from a grocery store in Vancouver Island. I haven’t used this product for nine years until I came across a bar of soap I must have left in my dresser drawer and forgot I had it. To my surprise, the shrink wrap had a label with a website. My latest order didn’t disappoint. Now I am looking forward to trying new scents of soap for my household to enjoy! I am always looking to support small businesses in B.C. and I’m super thankful to have made that reconnection!

Hi Doris
We are so happy that you found us again! Thank you for the lovely review!
Our soap recipe has not changed in 24 years. We did change our packaging to a cardboard box rather than plastic wrap.