Make Your Own Sanitizer Spray - Mini

Make your own alcohol-free sanitizing liquid in minutes! All you need is water, table salt.

Make your own alcohol-free sanitizing liquid in minutes! All you need is some water, table salt, and an electric current. Fits in a pocket or hand bag and can easily be made anywhere and everywhere!

Hypochlorous Acid - A safe, natural sanitization option

Approved by Health Canada and the CDC for use against COVID, hypocholorous acid is a safe, natural, sanitization product. Tests show effectiveness within ten seconds of contact. Studies have shown it to be effective against various bacteria and viruses. It is already being used in hospital rooms, factories, in agriculture, airports and more.

What is it?

It is water with a small amount of table salt that has been passed through an electrical charge. This rearranges the molecules of H20 and NaCl to form Hypochlorous acid (H0Cl). It is safe, non-toxic, and has little to no scent. Interestingly, it is naturally produced by the human body as part of our immune system. Due to a short shelf life of approx 12-14 days (it reverts back to salt water), it has not gained a lot of traction until now, with everyone looking for cheap, safe, disinfectant options.

How the "Make Your Own Sanitizer Spray" kit works

Place the portable unit in a glass of tap water. Use the scoop to measure out table salt and mix with water. Plug the electric unit in and place in salt water mixture. In 3-5 minutes, you will have fresh hypochlorous acid!

Pour into a dark coloured spray bottle (provided) to prolong life of product. If using your own spray bottle, use glass or plastic, NOT metal as this changes it back to salt water. To help stabilize the hypochlorous acid for longer shelf life and optimize the PH level, add a 1/2 tsp of vinegar per 500mL of water. Make sure you label it clearly. While this is a safe product, drinking it is NOT recommended. For best results, make fresh every few days.

Why hypochlorous acid is such a great option

  • In contrast to chemical disinfectants, it is completely safe for the environment and humans!
  • A natural hand sanitizer without harsh, drying, alcohol products.
  • You can make it fresh every time you need sani for less than .5 cents/250ml.
  • No strong or harsh smell.

What to use it for

    • Use for hand washing, instead of alcohol hand sanitizers.
    • Use on surfaces like floors, countertops, bathrooms, pet areas.
    • Disinfect kids rooms, toys, and school supplies.
    • Put into diffuser and mist bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, hotel rooms, nursing home rooms, kitchens, TV rooms and living rooms.
    • Washing fruits and vegetables as well as cuts of meat from the grocery store, killing all bacteria and germs instantly.
    • Sterilizing baby bottles and soothers instead of boiling in water.
    • Use on mosquito bites, scratches, blisters or wounds to disinfect and enhance healing.
    • Use as a mouth wash.
    • Soak toothbrushes and dentures for safe and healthy cleaning.
    • Use in C-pap machines to kill bacteria (rinse with water afterwards).
    • Make a fresh batch for your kids to take to school everyday and you for your workplace.
    • Make a .05% solution spray for contact dermatitis.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Ritchie
Love the Disinfectant Generator.

The Disinfectant Generator is compact, practical, convenient, and economical. It takes just minutes to make the disinfectant liquid with only water and salt (and optional vinegar). There is a slight odour to the liquid which dissipates soon after use. I use the liquid to disinfect my toothbrush, countertops, doorknobs, bathroom sinks, and much more. I keep a small spray bottle and a couple sheets of paper towel in my purse to use when I am out and about. I’ve saved so much money using the generator as I no longer purchase disinfectant wipes. I highly recommend the Disinfectant Generator.

Thanks Sharon! I absolutely love the generator too! The Bentley Hutterite colony has a commercial generator for their kitchen and pig barns. They have won awards for their pig operation year after year. Their kitchen always sales through their inspections too. We use it now to to disinfect our lab. Why use bleach when this is safer, better for the environment and is pennies to make!