Great Expectations Natural Pregnancy Relief Set


Everything a pregnant woman needs!

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Our all natural pregnancy set for maternity - helping to relieve some of the most common pregnancy complaints from first trimester to labour, delivery, and beyond. Women have been safely using our products for pregnancy since 2001 so we decided to bundle them into a handy little gift set with the following Cloud 9 favourites:

Mercy MSM Natural Pain Relief Lotion both bundles 50 ml

  • Helpful for swollen feet, carpal tunnel, aches and pains (sciatic, nerve, muscles and ligaments), cramping, Braxton Hicks / false labour, back labour, after pains
  • Registered with Health Canada as a Natural Health Product. Safe for all ages and pregnancy.

Mercy MSM foot and bath soak sm bundle 25gr. Lrg  225gr

  • Helpful for minor aches and pains, colds and flu, nausea, swollen feet, Braxton Hicks/false labour, beginning stages of labour
  • Registered with Health Canada as a Natural Health Product. Safe for all ages and pregnancy

Magnesium and MSM SpraySm bundle 30ml, Lrg 110ml

  • Helpful for Morning sickness, heart burn/acid reflux, muscle cramping, headaches, restless legs, insomnia, pre eclampsia/eclampsia, heart palpitations
  • A must for healthy moms and babies

Natures Touchboth bundles 60 ml

  • Helpful for conditioning skin and increasing elasticity, helping stretch marks on tummy and breasts. Safe for cracked nipples and for helping to minimize   C-section scars.

Handmade Lavender soap bar  both bundles

  • Gentle on babies and mommies skin.
  • Relaxing scent.

As with any new health product, if you have any concerns, ask your physician before using. 

Drawstring water proof bag, comes with a small zipped pouch inside bag.  Both Bundles 

Great to use to carry products in and awesome to use after birth in diaper bag for wet or dirty baby items.

Birthing journal Lrg Bundle only