Body Scrub: Creamy, Whipped Sugar


Tired of taking off your clothes to find them covered in dry flakes of dead skin? Yuk!

Our sugar scrubs are a skin refresher and hydrator in one, your skin is going to love this!

   A sugar scrub is an important addition to your  weekly skincare regime all year round.  It helps gently scrub away old, dead skin while lightly moisturizing and stimulating cell renewal revealing healthy, glowing, baby soft skin.  No more white flakes covering your socks and pant legs. 

"I have to say, I have finally added this to my shower routine and am loving the results."  

Not your usual oil laden sugar scrub, this all natural scrub is creamy, slightly sudsy and easy to use.  We even provide the bowl to take into the shower or bath with you.  Oils like camellia, coconut, passionfruit and mango butter make this scrub luxurious for your skin. 

Bamboo Bowl: I always hated using a sugar scrub in my shower as every time I used it, water would drip into the container, watering down and contaminating the contents.  I fixed this problem by including a lovely bamboo mini bowl with scoop for taking into the shower.  No more dripping water every time you dip your fingers into the jar. Simply place a scoop of sugar scrub into the bowl and take into the shower with you  

How to use: Get wet and scrub away that dead skin revealing new, moisturized skin. Rinse.  For even better results, use our matching whipped body butters. A little goes a long way!

Full ingredient list: 

  • Glycerin: softens and hydrates, soothes minor skin irritations
  • Coco Betaine: natural surfactant (bubbles)
  • SCI powder: natural surfactant
  • Stearic acid: natural thickener
  • Coconut oil: moisturizing
  • Sugar: gentle scrub, doesn't harm environment or clog drains
  • Camellia: reduces appearance of aging, hydrates and improves skin tone
  • rose petal powder: anti aging, improves skin elasticity, high antioxidants
  • Passionfruit oil: fights DNA damage from free radicals, cancer fighting, light moisturizer, promotes collagen production
  • Mango butter: stimulates skin's renewal process, improves texture and elasticity in skin, may help protect against UV damage
  • Turmeric powder: anti-inflammatory, natural colour
  • Natural fragrance
  • Geogard: natural preservative


Rose Petal: Fake rose has flooded the market claiming to be safe, and pure. Pure rose essential oil costs $3,000 for 4oz. So in most cases when you see a rose product, it is fake.  My supplier has blended a blend of rose essential oil, other essential oils and natural isolates to create a beautiful, affordable yet still pure essential oil blend.  You will not be disappointed!  The scent is like walking through a rose garden.

Mango Passionfruit:  A few years ago

236ml Jar

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