All Natural Amazing Grace Precious Facial Oil

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Amazing Grace is our premium line of facial and skin care specifically formulated to combat signs of aging.

This is a lovely blend of fruit oils, herbal oils and pure, essential oils.  This blend of oils was specifically formulated to help deal with North American weather.  From the extremes of -45C to +45C these oils penetrate quickly for a non greasy feel that can be used under a daily face cream or before bed to help combat the weather and resulting signs of aging. This is a great addition to your skin care regime for that extra boost in moisturizing. All you need are a few drops.

30ml frosted glass bottle with dropper

All natural      Vegan      No fillers       


  • Acai oil: high vitamins and minerals, high anthocyanins which are anti cancer and anti inflammatory.  It is skin regenerative and wound healing.  High antioxidants lengthen the oils effects on the skin. It is reported to help crows feet, fine lines, stretch marks and more.
  • Abyssinian oil:  high in omega 3, 6, and 9 which improves softness and texture of skin and acts as a protective barrier to the environment.  It helps regulate the over production of sebum and chemically is the closest oil to human skin. 
  • Cranberry oil: high disease fighting antioxidants, a balanced ratio of 1:1 omega 3 and 6 help this oil help its' nutrients absorb more readily into your skin.  It also contains high vitamins that help fight environmental stresses. Anti aging and highly moisturizing, this is an exceptional oil for facial care.
  • Buriti oil: helps lighten dark spots and increases skins elasticity. Said to protect from UV damage, our unrefined buriti comes directly from indigenous tribes in the Amazon full of its original nutrients. 
  • Raspberry oil: boosts collagen production and elasticity leading to firmer skin.  It also has some natural SPF protection.  It is high in Vitamin A which can help repair skin cell damage.
  • Camellia oil: protects skin from drying out, penetrates deeply and promotes skin elasticity. High omega 9, it is non greasy and fast absorbing delivering nutrients deeply into skin.
  • Blend of essential oils including vanilla, sustainably harvested rosewood, rose, geranium, chamomile, jasmine, lavender and more make this a very soft scented blend full of highly beneficial oils that are known to rejuvenate and protect facial skin.

 A similar product of pomegranate and essential oils sells for $230.00

    Customer Reviews

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    Jacoba Vande Griend
    Fabulous Line!

    I tired numerous products from this line the last few months and really LOVE the skin care line. My favourite product is the Precious Oils Blend. I add it to the moisturizer I am using and it really holds the moisture in my skin. It’s a top notch product that I don’t want ever want to be without!! It’s the powerhouse of the skin care line imo.
    Thankyou for formulating such a superb product!!

    Hi Jacoba
    Thank you for the fabulous review. You just made my day!
    Several of my friends also swear by the face oil blend as well. They like to use it before bed. The natural oils in the blend are all truly amazing for the skin. Why chose chemicals when nature has so much more to offer?

    Pleasant moisturizing oil

    I like this lightweight oil; no artificial odours, feels silky

    Thanks Barbara!
    Lots of people have told us they love the face oils but few take the time to leave a public review. This means the world to us!

    Toni P
    Love the Amazing Grace Face Oil

    I enjoy using this face oil, have reordered many times and gifted it to others. It is a staple in my skin care and a pleasure to use. It is great value, with a nourishing ingredient list and easy-to-use dropper - each drop goes a long way. I use the oil alone or under Amazing Grace face cream when I need extra moisturizing. It absorbs quickly and does not leave my skin feeling greasy, only soft and hydrated. I love the soft scent of the essential oils, and appreciate knowing the qualities of every ingredient that is absorbing into my skin. Highly recommend!

    Thank you Toni!
    Great idea to use it under the Amazing Grace face cream especially for days when it is at -20 or below!

    V. Smith
    Allergy issues

    I was really looking forward to using this product, but from the moment I opened the package, the intense fragrance caused my head to ache and my throat to close. The company offered several options but I chose to return the product.
    I do use their MSM pain relief product and absolutely love it.

    Hi V
    We use the essential oils of frankincense and myrrh in the precious oils due to their ability to heal, prevent scarring and for their antibacterial and antioxidant qualities. They are used at less than 1% in the product. We did offer to make a version without essential oils for you. I am sorry you turned it down as the oils we use are amazing. Using oils on the face does take a little getting used to.
    I am very glad that you use and like our Mercy which has completely different essential oils in it.