After Sun Care


We all burn ourselves.  NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT THIS!  This product helps restore and rejuvenate skin after too much sun or heat - it is amazing for all kinds of burns. 

Featuring aloe and acaï in an all-natural body butter base - we consider this one of our most effective products! Aloe is full of healing vitamin E and acaï has antioxidants to help reduce damage. Use it in conjunction with our Cooling Comfort to help quickly restore healthy skin.

How to use: We suggest using Cooling Comfort first to help pull the heat and pain from a burn.  Once the heat from the burn is gone (approx 24 hours or more), apply After Suncare.  A small mount is all you need.  Apply once or twice a day as needed.  You should notice a difference in one day.

Great for:

    • Summer vacations and camping adventures
    • Tropical getaways: Have you ever burned in the tropics?
    • Kitchens: Cooking burns, a most have for all cooks! 
    • Welding burns: every welder should have this kit!!

Cooling Comfort is a must have for summer sun or any other kind of burn.  It instantly pulls the heat and pain from a burn.   Once the heat and pain from a burn is gone, apply After Sun to restore skin's health.  Buy it separately or in as a set.