After Sun, Burn Care, Cooling Comfort

Sun and Burn Care

We all burn ourselves, whether it is from the cooking, camping, welding, crafting or from the sun. 

Relieve and restore quickly with our

Cooling Comfort and After Suncare.

People who have used this consider it to be the best product we make!  It has saved many vacations.  Our local Hutterite Colony has this in their kitchen and say it is a must have for their cooks.

Cooling Comfort is a wonderful cool down/ pain reliever spray when you have a burn. Aloe, menthol crystals and MSM helps pull the heat from a variety of burns within minutes. Simply spray every 5-10 minutes until pain is gone permanently.  

Perfect for  cooks, welders, sun worshipers, vacationers, golfers, and more.

Use in conjunction with our After Sun Care cream to restore skin after a burn or sunburn.  (Not for use on open wounds or open blisters.)

Our all-natural body butter base featuring aloe and acaï is an exceptionally effective product for restoring and rejuvenating skin after any kind of burn or overexposure to sun or heat. Vitamin E, aloe and antioxidants from the acaï help revitalize skin when used in conjunction with our cooling comfort. 

Great for:

    • Summer vacations and camping adventures
    • Tropical getaways: Have you ever burned in the tropics?
    • Kitchens: Cooking burns, a most have for all cooks! 
    • Welding burns: every welder should have this kit!!
    • Crafters
  • Colloidal Silver: helps repair and protect from infection
  • Palm oil: helps moisturize and restore skin
  • Olive Oil: prevents water loss
  • Apricot kernel oil: improves skin tone
  • Sunflower oil: strengthens skin barrier, high antioxidant oil that helps prevent sun damage, wound healing and won't cause acne breakouts
  • Acai oil: High in vitamins and minerals, high antioxidants repairing skin cells faster, can be beneficial for restoring skins elasticity and prevent scarring
  • Jojoba: balances natural oil production in skin, hydrates, reduces redness
  • Cocoa butter: may improve blood flow and protect skin from harmful UV rays from sun.  smooths scars and wrinkles.
  • Beeswax: forms protective barrier while being non pore blocking
  • essential oils, vit E: helps speed healing of skin damage from sun
How to use: We suggest using Cooling Comfort first to help pull the heat and pain from a burn.  Once the heat from the burn is gone (approx 24 hours or more), apply After Suncare.  A small mount is all you need.  Apply once or twice a day as needed.  You should notice a difference in one day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Toni P
Outdoor essential!

I took After SunCare with me on our tropical trip and was so glad I did! Although we are diligent with sunscreen, there were a couple of water days when we inadvertently got too much sun. First, a soothing spray with Cooling Comfort, then a moisturizing application of After SunCare - always felt so much better! We used the entire tub to take care of our skin during our 2-week trip. This works so well, it is a summer and travel essential for us now! Highly recommend, on its own or when using both products together.

Thank you so much Toni!
The customers that use this set swear it is the best stuff we make. Unfortunately most people are not pro active about sunburns so we do not sell much of this product. We have been tempted to discontinue this product many times but our faithful users refuse to let it die. We try and tell people that it should be in everyone's medicine cabinet just in case. I am so glad you were proactive and took it with you on your vacation! So glad your sunburn did not ruin your vacation.

Marj Briscoe
Wonderful Product

As a fair skinned redhead, I have lots of experience with the results of too much Sun - this is by far the best product I’ve ever used! Absolutely love it!

Hi Marj
Thank you for the 5 stars!
My mom, daughter, son in law and granddaughter are all red heads. When I was formulating, I kept that in mind. so happy to hear that it is working for you as well!