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  • While the people who have used this line, love it, 99% of my customers are no longer in the age bracket that suffers from acne. Consequently my Confidence line is being discontinued due to lack of sales.  I love this line and believe in its effectiveness. (I hate to stop making it as I have grandchildren heading into their teens.) I also hate to see the chemical laden mass produced poor quality skincare that is being sold to the under 30 crowd. I had hoped to offer a natural alternative.  

Years of research and working with oils and herbs finally led to the creation of this moisturizer.  Originally designed for acne, it soon became clear that Maskne was here to stay and needed to be addressed as well. 

The ingredients are amazing but would they work together effectively?  I sent the cream out to my testers and prayed it would work.  Within weeks, testers were reporting clear skin even for the most sensitive people. 

People who generally only experience acne before menstruation also noticed less break outs and healthier skin.

People experiencing Maskne reported dramatic differences within a week.

This is part of our all natural line of anti acne and anti maskne facial care. It is a light, non greasy moisturizer and skin protector.  All ingredients were chosen based on scientific studies proving their effectiveness in helping to improve acne. 

30ml airless jar with push top dispenser to prevent contamination.

We suggest using this with our Confidence Micellar water and Confidence Spot treatment.

                     No Fillers     All Natural      Vegan      Cruelty free

Full Ingredients list

  • Colloidal zinc: a highly effective natural ingredient for the treatment of acne.
  • Colloidal silver: a natural ingredient for treating bacteria that can cause acne and maskne.  Used in dressings burns and to treat skin infections, 
  • Meadowfoam seed oil: natural emollient and non greasy
  • Olive squalene: mimics skin's natural oils, high anti oxidants and vit E, may possibly reduce acne break outs, non pore clogging.
  • Evening Primrose: high GLA that may help prevent break outs.
  • Olivem: natural thickener
  • Glycerin: natural humectant
  • Tamanu: helps prevent scarring from acne
  • MSM: anti inflammatory and stimulates collagen production which can help acne.
  • White willow bark: natural source of salicin, a powerful acne fighter
  • lactobacillus: probiotic and natural preservative
  • essential oil blend: chosen for their skin care benefits.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Lehnhoff
Confidence Willow Bark and Zinc Daily Moisturizer

This daily moisturizer is great, I use it everyday and it really helps my skin feel nice Other moisturizers are greasy and give me pimples, Confidence daily moisturizer helps keeps my skin clear of blemishes.

Thank you for the wonderful review. I am always happy to hear that my skincare is helping with pimples.