All Natural Confidence: Willow Bark and Zinc Acne Spot Treatment SAlE


  • While the people who have used this line, love it, 99% of my customers are no longer in the age bracket that suffers from acne. Consequently my Confidence line is being discontinued due to lack of sales.  I love this line and believe in its effectiveness. (I hate to stop making it as I have grandchildren heading into their teens.) I also hate to see the chemical laden mass produced, poor quality, skincare that is being sold to the under 30 crowd. I had hoped to offer a natural alternative.  

Our all natural line of Acne and Maskne skincare products includes this spot treatment made of ingredients that support an anti acne and maskne regime for clearer skin.   

Quick results for clear skin and improvement in the overall appearance of maskne and acne.  Our testers reported an improvement in one application!  Testers also reported that it works well on the occasional break out due to menstruation as well as from wearing masks all day.  

 For people who have sensitive skin:  our testers reported that not one of them had a reaction to the treatment and that there was a noticeable improvement in over all health of skin and appearance. 

For people suffering Maskne (acne due to mask wearing): Testers reported improvement in break outs and cleared up acne spots within a week.

Acne sufferers:  Testers family members wanted to know what they were using due to the change in skins appearance.

30ml pump dispenser: a little goes a lonngg way!  (This is about a 6-8 months supply) 

All natural           Cruelty Free

Full Ingredient list:

  • Colloidal zinc: a highly effective natural ingredient for the treatment of acne.
  • Colloidal silver: a natural ingredient for treating bacteria that can cause acne and maskne.  Used in dressings burns and to treat skin infections, 
  • Tamanu: helps prevent scarring due to acne/maskne
  • Olivem: natural emulsifier and thickener
  • Glycerin: natural humectant to help keep skin moisturized
  • White willow bark: natural source of salicin, a powerful acne fighter
  • Xanthan gum: natural thickener
  • Siligel: natural thickener
  • Lecithin: acts as a protective barrier locking in moisture
  • Niacinimide: protects, minimizes redness and blotchiness, helps build keratin to keep skin firm and healthy, helps hyperpigmentation, regulates oil production
  • Lactobacillus: probiotic and natural preservative
  • Essential oils : each oil was chosen for their skin healing abilities

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