4 Thieves Germ Shield - Essential Oil Blend

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This blend contains a synergistic combination of clove, cinnamon, lemon eucalyptus, and rosemary, offering anti-microbial, anti fungal, anti viral properties in addition to a pleasant sweet and spicy scent.

Based on the original formula used during the plagues in Europe.

Ways to use 4 Thieves Germ Shield essential oil blend:

    • *Massage oil or rollerball: 1% dilution or 5-7 drops in 30mL of carrier oil such as fractionated coconut, sunflower, etc. Apply to chest, back, under nose, temples, etc.
    • Inhaler: 5-10 drops in inhaler, inhale through the nose deeply
    • Diffuser: 5-6 drops in water
    • *Baths: add 5-7 drops into 2 tbsp (30mL) of a carrier oil. After mixing with carrier, optionally combine with epsom or Dead Sea salt and add to bath water.
    • *Lotion or shampoo: add 5-7 drops per 30 mL of unscented base/lotion.

*NOTE: If using on skin, highly dilute in carrier and patch test first as this blend does contain cinnamon (phototoxic).

    • Add to dish soap, household cleaners, carpet shampoo
    • Make a cleaning spray to use on hands, gym equipment, yoga mats, shoes, remote controls, phones, kitchen counters, hotel rooms and bedding, rental vehicles, backpacks, kids toys, etc.
    • Spray on fabric as a fabric deodorant

View Essential Oil FAQ, Contraindications, and other information HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Dianne Cress

Excellent product. Would highly recommend this product. The Confidence anti acne facial moisturizer is an excellent product.

Hi Dianne,
I was planning on discontinuing this line of products but there has been such an outpouring of people wanting it and having such good results, that I have decided to keep it. I will however tweak the scent as a few people have commented that it needs some help. Tea tree is not a great scent yet delivers amazing results. I will see what I can do.

Diane Ryman
Love the Four Theives Soap But!

We have used and loved the Fourt Theives Soap for many years, but it has now become too expensive to continue using it. The bar size has gotten smaller and the price has gotten higher. So now unable to justify buying it.

Hi Diane
I feel your pain! The cost of shipping has doubled and the cost of ingredients has gone up 60%. We only raised our prices by 6% last summer. This meant no raises for staff or myself for the last 4 years.
Now the government wants to charge us huge licensing fees. We are trying our best to stay in business but with increases everywhere, we may not last more than another 1-2 years. The only hope for small business is a change in government!

Kathy Krath

Hi I haven’t used it yet because I do t have a foaming bottle. Will buy one soon , I thought I had ordered on but maybe I didn’t, I just have the refil bottles

Hi Kathy
Thank you for the 5 stars but we don't deserve it yet. I am having my staff send you a foamer bottle so that you can use the refill to fill it and use it. Once you have tried it, please leave us a review, good or bad. I noticed that you also bought a spray 4 Thieves Germ Shield 1 litre refill. Let us know what you thought of the two products.

wanda mithaug
4 ThievesGerm Shield essional oil

I love the smell. I can imagine it cleanse the germ in the air I use it in a diffuser. Thank you.

Thank you, Wanda!
So much better than the synthetic chemical based products! I love when people choose natural! It is so much better for our environment.

Rowena Jenkins
4 thieves!

As always very pleased with your product!!!

Thank you so much Rowena.
We love having you as a long time customer!