Natural Antiseptic Cleaning Spray

Natural Antiseptic Cleaning Spray

Natural Antiseptic Cleaning Spray

Using chemical cleaners can be dangerous for you and the environment. Not only do these products use harmful chemicals, but they also usually focus on 1 or 2 antibacterial compounds - which many bacteria eventually become resistant to. Natural, plant-based antibacterial agents are safer, more environmentally friendly, and contain a more complex mixture of antibacterial agents that is more difficult for bacteria to become resistant to.

Chemical Cleaning Agents vs. Natural Cleaning Agents

 Chemical Cleaners

 Natural Cleaners

Full of potentially harmful chemicals with long-term side effects for the environment and humans. No dangerous chemicals and a much lower risk of doing harm to your family and the environment.
Only focus on one to three antibacterial chemical components. Contain as many as 120 helpful chemical components
Bacteria and viruses will mutate to become resistant. Bacteria and viruses have little to no chance of developing resistance
Expensive. Much less expensive to make.
Strength of the product determined by manufacturer. When you make it, you are in control of the product's strength.
Can cause or aggravate problem skin and allergies, such as eczema and psoriasis. Some people have been known to have allergic reactions to essential oils, but there are often other options.
Can cause death. No known deaths from essential oils.

How to Make a Natural Antiseptic Spray for Counters, Washrooms, Hands, etc.

    • 1 tbsp vodka or isopropyl alcohol (dries quicker) OR 1 tsp unscented soap

    • 1 cup water

Mix essential oil with liquid soap / alcohol. Add water. Stir or shake until well blended. Pour into spray bottle(s). You may choose to leave out the soap / alcohol, however the oil will settle at the top and the product will beed to be shaken well before each use.


    • You can also add Auntie Septic essential oil blend to liquid soaps to make a natural antibacterial soap.

    • You can add other essential oils to tweak the scent to your liking

    • Use antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic products only during cold and flu season when the risk of infection is high. This allows the good bacteria to survive

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