Bath Bomb Recipe with No Artificial Colours or Scents

Bath Bomb Recipe with No Artificial Colours or Scents

Bath Bomb Recipe with No Artificial Colours or Scents

Did you know that many bubble baths and cheap bath bombs have been linked to urinary tract infections and yeast infections? Many are made in China using cheap chemicals, dyes, and scents that can irritate sensitive skin and areas. Here is a great alternative that is fun for the family to make, safe and healthy for skin AND no harmful chemicals.

NOTE: Bath Bombs can also be used as "Shower Steamers" to add some nice aromatherapy to your routine! Just omit the cocoa butter as this can cause a slipping hazard

Main Ingredients

    • 2 cups baking soda (try Bulk Barn!)

    • 1 cup citric acid (Bulk Barn or a beer/wine making supplier)

    • 4-10 spritzes of witch hazel (can be found at health food stores. You may also need to find an empty spray bottle)

    • 1 tbsp cocoa butter

Optional Ingredients

This is where the fun starts. Get creative!

    • 1-2 tbsp fir or pine needles soothing, adds scent and good for sore muscles

    • 1-2 tbsp herbs: soothing to skin

    • 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder: adds colour and scent

    • 1-2 tbsp clay: pulls impurities from skin, detoxifying

    • 1-2 tbsp Himalayan salt: detoxifying, adds colour, good for sore muscles

    • 1 tsp beetroot powder: adds coclour

    • 2-6 drops Essential Oils. More than that can overwhelm children’s systems. Good options are peppermint, balsam, spruce, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, lavender, spearmint, or blends like Calm and Peace, DeconChest, Joyful, Winters Morning, 4 Thieves, Relax. Citrus oils should be used sparingly (1 drop) such as tangerine, lemon or grapefruit, if combined with other essential oils (for safety)


    1. Mix baking soda and citric acid together.

    1. Melt cocoa butter and add essential oils. Cool until hardened.

    1. Grate the cocoa butter + essential oil mixture into baking soda and citric acid mixture. Add 1-2 optional ingredients.

    1. Spritz the mixture 1-2 times with witch hazel and mix with hands. Keep spritzing until the ingredients stick together when you squeeze them.

    1. Push into moulds tightly. Gently remove from moulds and let dry overnight.

NOTE: by adding your essential oils to the cocoa butter, this makes it much safer for children to use on their skin and yours. Without the cocoa butter, there is nothing to emulsify the essential oils and they can potentially sit on top of the bath water where they can come into contact with sensitive body parts. While many people do not do this added step, I prefer to always be safe and to give you the safest way to use oils for you and your loved ones.

Essential Oil Blend Suggestions for Shower Steamers

As noted above, bath bombs can be used in the shower, too! Just place it in the shower where the water will be able to dissolve it, slowly.

Here are some suggestions for aromatic shower steamers. Note that citrus oils can cause skin sensitivity so these recipes should NOT be used for bath bombs.

Morning Perk Up

    • 2-4 drops peppermint (adjust to your desired strength)

Walk in the Woods

Any of the following blends can also be added: Joyful, Calming Peace, Relax, Sunshine SpiceRestore, True Valour, DeconChest. Remember, avoid adding slippery ingredients to your Bath Steamers (like the cocoa butter) so you don't slip and fall in the shower!

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