Make-Your-Own Roller Ball

Empty roller ball bottles so that you can create your own essential oil roller ball for easy use. These 10mL glass containers come with a stainless steel roller ball insert. They are a great way to benefit from the properties of essential oils, plus they're small and compact so you can bring them with you wherever you go. You can use them for perfume and lip gloss, too!

How to make your own essential oil rollerball:

  • Fill with 10mL of any carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil recommended to prevent staining)

  • Add your favourite essential oil

    • 2.5% = 5 drops (a lower percentage is best if using on children)

    • 5% = 10 drops (a safe level for most essential oils, but always check the available info and patch test first!)

If you're looking to play with essential oil combinations, we have created a list of rollerball recipe ideas - check them out here!