Premium Massage Oil

Our Premium Massage Oil is a versatile oil blend that can be used for more than massage! We have pre-mixed some of the best carrier oils: olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, jojoba, and evening primrose oil. Formulated to nourish the skin, rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6). This blend provides great slip for massaging, less chance of staining clothing and linens because of the fractionated coconut oil, and is nut-free and cruelty-free.

This lovely massage oil blend is ready-to-use as is, but here are a few additional options:

  • Aromatherapy massage: use as a base / carrier oil for one of our pure essential oils or blends

  • Essential oil roller balls: add a few drops of pure essential oil to make your own essential oil rollerball

  • Moisturizer: use it on directly on skin, use as a face oil, or add to lotions for extra moisturizing

  • Lip gloss: Add a flavour oil and use it as a the base for a lip gloss in one of our empty rollerballs

  • Other recipes: use as a base oil for homemade body butters, homemade lip balms, sugar and salt scrubs, bath salts, body bars and more