Ginger CO2 Inhaler Kit for Nausea

CAD $32.00

Great for reducing feelings of nausea

This oil is designed to be used as an anti-nausea. Great for motion sickness, stomach flu, pregnancy / morning sickness, nausea from chemotherapy treatment or post-operation. Comes in a set with 5mL Pure Ginger CO2 Extract, 15mL Himalayan Sea salt, and (1) Aluminum and glass personal inhaler.

How it works:

  1. Disassemble inhaler
  2. Add Himalayan Salts to glass inner
  3. Pour a few drops of ginger oil onto salts
  4. Reassemble inhaler
  5. Breathe deeply
  6. Add more drops when scent dissipates or replace with fresh salt and try a different essential oil or blend.


Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 11.4 × 3.6 × 11.4 cm


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