Make-It-Yourself Projects

Check out these awesome recipes for homemade body butters, soaps, lotions, lip balms, and more! Since we don’t sell many of these products anymore, we figured we would share them!

Don’t forget to check out our Ingredients and Supplies section for some of the components you might need.

Natural Antiseptic Cleaning Spray

Using chemical cleaning products can be dangerous for the environment and your health. Making the switch to plant-based, natural anti-bacterials can help keep your household safer, cleaner and bug-free this year.

Natural Bug Spray Recipes

Recipes for natural mosquito repellant sprays, using a blend of essential oils known to keep insects at bay. Find 2 recipes along with a list of insect-repellant essential oils.

Natural Lip Balm Recipe

This lip balm is super easy to make. Inexpensive, simple, natural, and lots of flavour and colour options. Why buy lip balm that’s full of unhealthy chemicals and drying ingredients when you can make your own for cheap?

Whipped Body Butter Recipe

A true body “butter” that is creamy, light, and nourishing! Easy to find ingredients, inexpensive, easy, quick to make, safe, edible (small kids tend to try), doesn’t require special equipment. Makes awesome gifts!

Bath and Shower Jelly Soap Recipe

This is a make-it-yourself recipe for the hugely popular Lush shower jelly. It is easy to make and clean up, inexpensive, no complicated ingredients, and fun! Lots of options for any age – not just kids!

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