We all struggle from stress and anxiety from time to time. Over the years, we have spoken to quite a few people who have anxiety when it comes to visits to the dentist, doctor’s office, surgeryhospital, job interviews, tests and exams, etc.

Stressed, anxious woman holding head

There are a number of essential oils that are known to help reduce feelings of anxiety and fear. One of the most practical ways to use these during times of stress is to carry an essential oil inhaler. Simply inhale the scent through your nose with deep breaths as often as needed. Can help calm anxious or high energy children, as well. Here are a few suggestions for which essential oils to use:

You create your own inhaler blend, using an empty personal inhaler (available on our site in plastic or brushed aluminium) OR you can purchase a pre-made set, like the Relax Inhaler Set. Our friends Susan and Karel from Willow Den in St. Catherines, Ontario often recommend to their customers to use the CERMT blend to help calm stress and dull fears about medical procedures.


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