Organic Skincare Subscription Testing Program

Join our exclusive testing program.  You will have the opportunity to try new, exciting, organic skincare products for a fraction of the cost + provide your feedback.

Your experience and feedback will play a vital role in the development of these brand new products. We're excited to share this journey with you!

It’s Time to Go Natural!

After years of researching and formulating natural skincare products, I finally decided to get my certification in organic skincare formulation. Over the course of this internationally recognized program, I will be developing new, exciting products for Cloud 9 Naturally. I have decided to use this opportunity to get customer feedback on some brand new, potential products:

    • Face creams, lotions, masks, serums, toners - anti aging to acne, dry skin to oily, summer and winter skin.
    • Body washes, face and body mists, cleansers, miscellars, gels and skin yogurts, body lotions, creams, salves and butters.
    • These will contain exciting, high quality, organic ingredients such as peptides, ceramides, prebiotics and probiotics for the skin, collagen boosters, extracts, cell regenerators, Hyaluronic acid, and fermentations.

Join us on this journey and be the first to try these new, innovative skincare products.

    • Subscription box style - get new products to try each month
    • The cost is $50/month 
    • Includes 2-3 new products each month AND includes shipping!
    • All you have to do is test out the products and provide your feedback in our private Facebook Group.
    • Average value per box:  $75.00-150.00. 
Here is what my subscribers have gotten so far: 
  • Seabuckthorn face cream,
  • Anti aging rose hydrosol micellar water 
  • Anti acne micellar water,
  • Anti acne face cream with MSM and white willow bark,
  • Foaming blueberry face soap,
  • Under eye gels with caffeine,
  • Sunny days shower gel,
  • Seaweed and charcoal anti acne shower wash
  • HA blemish spot fixer
  • HA intense treatment
  • Anti aging facial elixer
  • Anti aging night cream
  • HA intense treatment
  • Dry foam cleanser
  • Oleo cleansing/moisturizing gel... 

Only 10 spots left!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Debbie Lehnhoff
Micellar water #2 (Acne)

You have really out done yourself with your new batch of Micellar Water #2 (ACNE) The new batch smells like honey. I love the new smell. The first batch I tried really had a strong smell but as I used it more I liked how it made my skin feel. This new batch smells so good and it makes my skin feel clean. I would definitely reorder this product.

Hi Debbie,
Thanks Debbie! I am so glad you like it. I tweaked the new batch a little and added colloidal zinc which is amazing for skin. One of my staff members swears it is the best cleanser she has ever used! She said even after washing her face she uses the micellar water and still gets dirt and make up off.

Isabel Jardine

Hand rescue #1 & #2 I like as in soaks in , but the face oil not so much as my hair was very oily in morning.Milecular water and face cream #1 are great products
Sunny days shower gel smells nice, but I like bar soap/under eye corrective oil ok, but my wrinkles are to set in, so I didn;t notice much difference/ I do not like the dry foam cleanser antiaging as I found it hard to mix up, but the #4 face cream I do love this /love the smell of the seabuckthorn body wash, but as I said I do prefer the soaps you make and I do like the burn cooling comfort and I am looking forward when you make the seabuckthorn bar soap.

Hi Isabel
Thank you for the review for the Subscription Tester box products! I hope to soon have the #4 Face cream on the site for the public. All of the testers love that one the most.