DIY Aromatherapy: Monthly Subscription Box

1st Box ships mid-month November and each mid-month after.

The two biggest problems with essential oils are finding natural, unscented bases to put them in and finding quality, pure oils.

Problem solved!

  • We provide high quality, GC/MS tested essential oils.

  • We provide natural, unscented bases to mix with your favorite essential oils.

  • We provide recipe ideas and information cards with each order. 

     What you will receive in your subscription: 

    • Organic unscented lotions

    • Organic shower gels

    • Organic Micellar Cleansing Waters

    • Organic salve base

    • Organic deodorizers

    • Carrier oils and Massage oils

    • Organic Bath Teas, Milk Baths  and Soaks

    • Pure Therapeutic Essential oils

    • Diffusers, inhalers, Aromatherapy Semi Precious Gemstone Bracelet, Rollerball

    • Containers for blending


    • Average saving per box$50-$75.00 off retail prices.                                 
    • Learn how to use essential oils safely  
    • Learn what essential oils blend best together 
    • Learn which essential oils work for different problems            

    Benefits and Bonuses:

    • Receive a 10% discount code to the Cloud 9 Naturally website with each box. 
    • Access to fresh, organic, unscented bases for creating and customizing your own aromatherapy products.
    • Access to special pricing for private premium essential oils collection not available on website.
    • Help eliminate over 250,000 manmade chemicals from your families skin each year.                               

    Customer Reviews

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    Aromatherapy Subscription box

    I really love the four thieves collection I received. The foot bar is awesome. It's great for me because my feet get hot and sweaty walking around in winter boots! The all-purpose spay is Wonderful and smells great. I was Soo excited when I opened the box I received today! The nebulizer is so beautiful and it works really well it pumps out the vapor! It's so pretty when it is lit up it is very calming. The organic room spray is fantastic! I use a lot of colloidal silver and was very pleased to see it as a first ingredient! Awesome! The essential oils all smell wonderful and have amazing healing properties. I am pleased with each subscription box I receive from you and I am sorry I can not find anything that I would change! You have a wonderful company and I hope you have continued success! You make beautiful products and the world a better place for it!

    Thank you!
    I will continue to work hard at providing a great subscription box experience. I appreciate that you took the time to write such a glowing review and the words of encouragement!