Great Expectations Natural Pregnancy Relief Set


Everything a pregnant woman needs!

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Our pregnancy set is designed to provide natural relief from some common pregnancy issues from the first trimester to labor and postpartum. For over two decades, women have safely used our products, which is why we have combined them into a convenient gift set with these popular Cloud 9 items:

Comes in two sizes: Small and Large

Mercy MSM Natural Pain Relief Lotion 

both sizes: 50 ml
  • This natural health product is registered with Health Canada and can be used safely by all ages and during pregnancy to relieve various ailments, including swollen feet, carpal tunnel, sciatic nerve pain, muscular and ligament pain, cramping, Braxton Hicks, back labor, and postpartum pain.

Mercy MSM foot and bath soak 

sm: 25gr.      Lrg:  225gr
  • Helpful for reducing discomfort, addressing common illnesses, and aiding the onset of labor, the Great Expectations Natural Pregnancy Relief Set is registered with Health Canada as a Natural Health Product, ensuring safety for all ages and stages of pregnancy.

Magnesium and MSM Spray

Sm: 30ml, Lrg: 110ml
  • This set is beneficial for several common pregnancy ailments, including morning sickness, heartburn/acid reflux, cramping, headaches, restless legs, insomnia, pre eclampsia/eclampsia, and heart palpitations. It is an ideal choice for moms-to-be seeking a healthy pregnancy.

Natures Touchboth bundles

Both sizes: 60 ml
  • Promotes skin elasticity, potentially diminishing stretch marks on the abdomen and bust. Enhances nipple protection and may minimize the appearance of C-section scarring.

Handmade Lavender soap bar 

both sizes
  • Gentle on babies and mommies skin.
  • Relaxing scent.

As with any new health product, if you have any concerns, ask your physician before using. 

Drawstring water proof bag, comes with a small zipped pouch inside bag. 

Both Bundles 

This Great Expectations Natural Pregnancy Relief Set is an ideal accompaniment for carrying products, and is perfect for use as a diaper bag after birth to store wet or soiled baby items.  Completely washable and waterproof.

Birthing journal 

Lrg Bundle only