Essential Oil Diffuser for Vehicles - 50mL


 The car diffuser is an awesome way to make your vehicle smell great naturally. Ideal for people who want to bring their favourite aromatherapy with them in their vehicle - to help relax, de-stress, minimize car sickness, improve moods, or wake up.


    • A natural alternative to chemical air fresheners, hangers, or plugins
    • Helps add humidity / remove dust and static electricity from dry air
    • Powered by 12V car socket/lighter
    • Capacity: 50mL
    • Auto shut off after 2 hours

How to use my car diffuser?

  • Detach the water tank by turning it counter-clockwise and fill with distilled water. Distilled water has less residue than tap water which can lead to clogged filter or mist hole.
  • Add 3 drops of your favorite essential oil to water
    • Allow the sponge to soak up the water for a few minutes on initial use as a dry sponge can destroy your diffuser.
      • Plug diffuser into your car port & touch the power button located on the front. Switch modes by touching the power button:
      • Blue: continuous mist
      • Purple: intermittent
      • Red: standby
      • Caution: this diffuser will automatically shut off after 2 hours of continuous use to allow the unit to rest.
      • If mist becomes thin, replace the filter.

        Other essential oils to use in your vehicle diffuser:

          • MyRelief to help eliminate car sickness
          • Relax for less stressful drive home
          • Grapefruit to help eliminate snacking on the way home
          • Lemongrass to help improve smell of cigarette smoke
          • Joyful to help improve bad mood or bad day

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