Aromatherapy Mystery Box


Love essential oils? 

These Mystery boxes are curated just for you.

I absolutely love these boxes.  I wish I had access to these oils and products when I was first starting out. They are great for beginners and experienced lovers of natural products.  You won't believe how easy it is to make your own rollerballs, sprays, inhalers, and so much more. 

Make an inhaler for your daughter that gets stressed before an exam.

Make a blend that will ward off infections when you travel.

Make a pillow spray for those nights when you can't sleep.

Make a rollerball for mosquito bites.

Make an inhaler for chest congestion.

Anxiety?  No problem.  Make a blend for your diffuser, inhaler or rollerball that makes you relax.

Stressful drives home everyday?  Make a blend for your new diffuser for your vehicle.

Now you can customize to your tastes easily and affordably!

Unbelievable value!

Limited number available.  

1. You will receive the best GC/MS tested essential oils, many that are not listed on our website and are from our private collection that we use for healing ourselves and our families.

Each oil is carefully chosen for it's usefulness in managing your mental and physical health. They can be used in blends or as a single oil. 

2.  Equipment like inhalers, diffusers for car or home, rollerballs and semi precious gemstone rollerballs, pipettes, empty bottles for mixing.  Everything you need when working with essential oils! 

Make your own rollerballs and inhalers based on your preferences and scents that you respond to. 

3. All natural bases for blending PLUS some of our favourite ready to use products.

Make scented all natural products based on your taste in scents.  Now you can adjust formulas to what you love. 

All boxes are valued at more than double their selling price and includes products not found on our website!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shirley Minelli

I have used msm for pain & sore mussels for a few years now also like to breath it in opens airways . The oils in the mistrey box , are all new oils and mixes to me love them , use in defuser and massages

Thank you Shirley!
I am happy to hear that you like our Mercy.
I am also very happy to hear that you love the mystery box oils!

wanda mithaug
Ec Mystery Box

Hi, I am going to give Eco mystery box as a birthday present to my dear friend this weekend. I will let you know what she will think of this special box!
So much love, Namaste, wanda

Hi Wanda
Thank you so much for trusting our products enough to give as a gift. If she has any questions, tell her to email or call.

Debbie Lehnhoff
EO Mystery Box

The EO Mystery Box was a pleasure to receive. I learned that there are a number of ways to enjoy Essential Oils. Included were rollerball option, car diffuser, and another nice diffuser, also a inhaler using hymalain salts. There were plenty of different Essential Oils to choose from, I enjoyed all the scents.

Thank you so much Debbie!
I am so glad you enjoyed it. let me know if you need any information on the essential oils or recipes.